John 9:1-41 Man Born Blind

Jesus Heals Blind Humanity
Resistance is Fertile: Seeds for Lent 2002
Resisting Blindness, Week 4, Credo Cafe, led by David Fagg and Marcus Curnow
Biblical Text: John 9:
World Texts: “Chroming: Whose fault?” The Age Newspaper, 2002
Revised Common Lectionary: Year A, Forth Sunday in Lent

Verses 1-5 Asking why vs. doing Gods work: Disscussion on article; Drugs, young people, chroming and blame.
Verses 6-7 The invitation to be born again accepted: Sharing stories of commitment and conversion
Verses 8-17 Witnessing to the truth round 1 : Sharing stories of costly witness
Verses 18-23 The sins of the parents and the child: Stories of conflict with family and friends over discipleship.
Verses 24-34 Witnessing to the truth round 2: Stories of costly witness
Verses 35-38 Finding jesus on the outside (and in the work): Sharing our stories
Verses 39-41 Are we blind? What does it mean to be excommunicated?


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