Ben and Jin were married in a big teepee-like marquee on the banks of the Yarra river at Warrandyte. A beautiful bush setting. The challenge was finding a ceremony that was meaningful for one family who was traditional Catholic and the other with more New Age leanings. Using elements of Celtic tradtion with its strong creation themes proved a succesful way of bringing things together…..(liturgy below)

Ben & Gin’s Wedding
4 – 11 – 2000
Amira playing “Number 3” on Violin by Ben Harper
Meg, Victoria, Ardian
Ben & Parents
Gin & Parents
Welcome & Aboriginal acknowledgment: Marcus
Prayer of Silence : Marcus
Listening to the sounds and beauty of the place, considering the connection of marriage with creation.
“Open our eyes to your presence, Open our ears to you call, open our hearts to your love. Amen”
Declaration of Intent: Marcus
Today we stand upon this holy earth and in the face of heaven to witness the sacred rite of marriage between Ben and Jin. Just as we come together as family and friends, so the great spirit of God, the holy three, is present with us.
The scriptures teach us that marriage is a gift of God in creation and a means to grace, a holy mystery in which man and woman become one flesh. It is gods purpose that, as husband and wife give themselves to each other in love throughout their lives, they shall be united in love as Christ is united with his community, the church.
This is the sacred way of life that ben and gin are now to begin. Today as a sign of this they will join hands, exchange vows, Light candles and exchange rings. we will bless them, and each one of you here, that together, with God, their union may be made strong.
Ben and Gin, marriage is a precious gift – a lifelong dedication to love. Marriage is a precious teaching – a daily challenge to love one another more fully and freely.
With this understanding do you choose to belong to each other forever more.
Ben and Jin : WE DO
We now turn to the Goodes and Strybosch families. you have helped to bring Ben and Gin to this point. Will you give your blessing and will you support them as they embark on this way of life together.
Families Respond : we will
Family Representatives present Tibetan Prayer Necklaces to couple
Jin : Christian and Nicolas on behalf of the Strybosch’s
Ben: Callum and Simon on behalf of the Goodes’
Family Blessing: (Marcus sprinkles with sprig of Lavender and Water)
Then for the sacred task ahead, recieve the blessing of God which falls as dew from heaven. Geranium for harmony, Thyme for Strength, Mhyrr for healing.
We now turn to Ben and Gin’s community of extended family and friends. you have helped to bring Ben and Gin to this point. Will you give your blessing and will you support them as they embark on this way of life together.
Response : we will
Community Blessing: (Marcus sprinkles with sprig of Lavender and Water)
Then for the sacred task ahead, recieve the blessing of God which falls as dew from heaven. Geranium for harmony, Thyme for Strength, Mhyrr for healing.
Candle Lighting:Marcus: As a symbol of their intent of two becoming one, Ben and Jin will now light candles.
Jin: Lights candle and says
This candle that I light, is a sign of all that I am. It burns brightly with the flame of my hopes and dreams. I offer it to you in love.
Ben: responds
Your hopes and dreams i will respect and defend, and from my heart I thank you for this sign of trust
Ben: lights his candle, he makes the declaration and Jin responds.
Together they light the central candle
Marcus: Today the flame of your love will burn as one, may it burn forever, warming your hearts, lightening your path, and leading you together toward the one eternal light.
SONG: “ The secret of Life” Darren and Claude
READING: Clare Goodes Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
In the tradition of Celtic Brittany the couple walk around the bible as a symbol of the journey through life. Ben and Jin may not know where the journey may lead but wherever, walking around it is a symbol that the word of god will be central to it.
(Walk couple around bible and present them with it)
Marriage and Creation story
So what view of marriage does the creation Story have us draw to attention today. In a world with many views on marriage this story calls us
Like creation
Human Marriage has a divine pattern- it is meant to be like creation in purpose, in permanence, in creativity, in totality
Far from irrelevant or a dying institution Marriage is to be a Living thing Like creation it is a precious gift of Love, entrusted
to us from a God who loves us. Like creation itself, it is a gift of love that should be respected, prioritised, nurtured, and preserved.
A wisdom saying from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures Ecclesiastees: Talks very pragmatically about the value of being 2
Love is not the basis of marriage but Marriage is the basis of Love
learn to perfect love.
Ecclesiasties the practical things of marriage
Money $$$$; no DINK couple here
keep warm
Help each other out of hard times, falls
defend each other: defend each others hopes and dreams
The writer goes on about two Then mysteriously drops in a number three. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.
The 3 motif is quite prominent here today
Whilst its unclearwhat the writer its talked about as God
Because God is a living source of Love and we need this source because for all that I said about marriage being a wonderful gift of nature like nature it is still very fragile. And for all I said about the pragmatic reasons to be married we know that it is not enough
We cant do this on our own strength. Because God is a God who goes more than half way, God says I know you cant do it alone and so he says I give you Jesus. Ben wanted me to talk about the real Jesus.
Who as a human being showed us how to live this love. Who went to weddings where miraculous things took place, Who told his followers to live life like it was a wedding feast “To party on”; Whos’ vision of the perfect world was that of a wedding feast where all people, especially the poor, were invited back to the pub like we’re going to do soon.
In his death he showed us the true love of self sacrifice and the good news is that in his resurection he lives and makes that love accesible to us through faith in him and an openness to his spirit. Look out for that spirit of love is here now, its within us here as we meet and as we celebrate this arvo. Look out for it.
A triple braided cord is not easily broken. Ardian
The final word I have is that the Love that we have talked of today is more than words: Ben & Gin, After all the preparations and
celebrations of today the occasion will be over, and the time for words will be over. The Hard CovenantWork begins, but not alone. For you both, it will be time to walk the talk, to live out the love and the truth that you have experienced in Christ and bear witness to today.
I think I speak for everyone here in saying that our Love and support and prayers go with you.
Jin : Benny, I love you with my whole self and come here before God, our families and friends to be one with you in marriage. All that I am I give to you and all that I have I share with you. Whatever the future holds I will love you and stand by you and strengthen you eternally. As the stars in the sky and the tides of the sea are constant and true, I pledge myself to you in faithfullness and love.
Benny: Jinny I love you with all my heart, self, mind and soul and here I share with you and outward expression of our truly unique love for each other. Before all our closest family and friends and the beautiful earth God created. Our journey together has only begun as our love for each other continues to grow stronger everyday. All that Iam and all that I have I will share with you, and as the stars in the sky and the tides in the sea are constant, with God as our witness, I pledge myself to you in faithfulness and love now and forever.
hold hands and are sprinkled with earth
Marcus: Ben and Jin the earth from which you came and to which you will go is used at your wedding as a symbol of the connection between the creation and True love that brings life and sustains life eternal.
Marcus: Holy Three, bless these rings and let them be to Ben and Gin symbols of unending love and faithfulness and of the promises thay have made to each other.
Taking Rings
JIN: My ring is a symbol of love never ending
BEN: Mine is a circle of sweet belonging
Placing rings on fingers
JIN: A Circle of love in joy and in sorrow
BEN: A circle of love today and tomorrow
Final Blessing: marcus, Ben & Jin Kneel
Recieve this blessing in the name of the Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. May the rainbow of many colours bind you to God. May the soft winds of heaven refresh your spirit and sunshine brighten your heart. May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you. may god enfold you in love, and may the blessing of God the Holy THree, bringing peace beyond all understanding, be with you and remain with you, and all you love, now and forever.
marcus: Ben and Gin in this beautiful place before God, your family and friends you have sworn Solemn vows To belong to each other foevermore. Then in the name of ALmighty God I pronounce you husband and wife.
SIGNING & SONG : “Waiting on an ANgel” : Ben Harper
Prayers Victoria Goodes
Pamela Ryan
Matt and Jaala

Celtic Circle Blessing:
(Congregation form circle around the couple. All say “Circle them Lord”, various voices give the blessings.)
Circle them lord :
may the angels oF Heaven protect you this day and circle you with the fragrance of peace.
Circle them lord:
May Christ you Lord and loving friend protect you this
day and circle you with affection and love.
Circle them lord:
May the Spirit of Truth, who dwells in your heart, protect you this day and circle you, and fill your heart with joy.
A m e n
“ My Hapiness ” : Powderfinger


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  1. Marcus, this is a great site !Urban seedlings with Kernowek flavouring —love it !

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