OASIS Global Action Team

From May-July 2004 Urban Seed played host to an Oasis ‘Round the World’ Team consisting of 11 young women who had donated their GAP year to play numerous roles in assisting our work, as well as with organisations in Zimbabwe and India. It was a crazy but highly memorable time for us and the team. We’re looking forward to playing host to another Oasis team of four people in May 2005.
The photo below is of team member Dee Marshall and myself cooking a brekky in the bush on the teams Great Ocean Road adventure.

marx+dee wonder brekkie[2].jpg
Deidre (A Northern Irelander) was placed doing Education work at ‘The Den’ and was soon running our city walks by herself. The classic quote from a student during one of her walks was

I can’t understand a word that you’re saying but keep talking….I’m loving your accent.

Having since returned to Glasgow to undertake her studies we were rapt to hear that Dee was able to get work doing drug and life skills education with students.


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