Chocolate Seeds for Lent 2005

Seeds is a network for creative bible study that seeks to engage faith, community and culture and build connections between our bodies, the Word and the world. After a number of years of lenten abstinence and focus on the Millenium Development Goals (visit last years partnership with the Water Matters campaign)we have decided that chocolate might draw a bigger crowd!!! No seriously, it’s an interesting (and yummy!) window into lots of personal and global spiritual issues. Gathering
Tuesday nights through Lent from 7pm @ The Den, 116 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 96630699.
Commencing Feb 8: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Meal and Movie ‘Chocolat’


One Reply to “Chocolate Seeds for Lent 2005”

  1. I really enjoyed last year’s Seeds program. I don’t attend a church regularly, and I appreciated the chance to do a spirituality with other people at an important time in the Christian year.
    I think the topic looks great! What a great chance to get beyond Protestant work ethics and dour ascetism and reflect seriously on the differences between shallow piety and a deeper spiritual reflection!
    See you all there!

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