Advent: Ripples in Time

Images from “Ripples in Time” our final Urban Seed evening prayers for 2004 on Tuesday December 21 run by Mark Pierson. Highlights…..

1. Mark Pierson building a reflective pool without leakage @ The Den! Thanks to Cityside NZ for a decade of damp practise runs!
2. A beautiful blue ripples video loop running throughout whilst listening to the whole Christmas story read by various voices.
3. Ewen (my 3 year old) loved throwing stones and placing candles in the pond…..not sure if he got that it was supposed to represent the ‘Ripples from the activity of God in history.’
4. Sad goodbyes to Mark Beckwith, Raelene and Virginia moving on from Urban Seed.
Various “Ripples in Time” Liturgies are available on Mark Piersons’ CDROM of worship resources called “Fractals”.


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