Credo Beatitudes

The “Credo” Beatitudes are a rewrite workshopped by people who attend Credo Gathering, an open church service that occurs before Urban Seed’s Open Lunch at Credo Cafe each Tuesday. The anecdotes are true stories that came out in discussion of one beatitude a week over nine weeks in 2004. See below…

Credo Beatitudes:
Jesus’ teaching to a bunch of people on top of a mountain – the Beatitudes
Blessed are the battlers who, through their struggle, are open about who they really are and see the deception of wealth.
They will understand that, in God’s way, there is enough for all.
Those who are grieved by the way of the world, who see that things aren’t right, will be blessed.
Although they will be told to “get over it” they will find hope together.
Those who are compassionate and humble, putting others before themselves, will be blessed. They will understand their place in creation.
“Ya chasin’?” The only real hit is to sort things out with the world around you and God who created you.
A user got ripped off in a deal. Soon after he found the dealer overdosed in the Baptist Place laneway by himself. Although the user wanted revenge in “street justice”, he called the ambos and got help from Credo to keep him alive – not even checking his pockets to steal his gear or cash. This is mercy. Be like this and you will be shown mercy.
People who are honest and open like children are blessed. They will see God.
A drunk man in Credo was abusing people serving the meal when a young streety came up to him and said: “Hey man, this is a good place, it’s a church, it’s not evil.” When the drunk man heard this he gave the streety a hug and settled down.
Those who make peace are children of God.
When you try to do things right, some people around you will think that you’re weird and give you a hard time….
Like Uncle Vincent Lingari who stood up for the rights and land of his people but was laughed at and told that it would never happen. He had to camp out and wait for seven years before he and his people were listened to.
Like someone who has given up heroin and still gets called a junkie and is hassled by the jacks when he comes to town.
Like Jesus who simply loved people and tried to teach them how to live and was beaten and killed for it.
If you persevere, God will reward you with all that is right.


5 Replies to “Credo Beatitudes”

  1. Kia Ora Marcus,
    I really enjoyed your beatitudes Credo-style Marcus. I love the way you make Jesus stories relevant to your context. It’s inspired me to share my own reflection with you…
    I read this line of a translation of the beatitudes written by community workers in Chile:
    “Blessed are the pure in heart,not those who act like angels, but those whose lives are transparent”
    This interpretation has led me to conclude that there are two understandings of the “pure in heart” –
    The heart that lives “in” crisis such as the the “junkie” or the “drunk” who reveal a heart “purely” open and transparent to the world. A heart that is driven to go “chasin” to forget what has been broken and lost. A heart that yearns to be known and beckons others to know it.
    And the heart that is willing live “amongst” the crisis and reveal the heart that lives “purely” for others openly and transparently. The heart that is driven to chase the stories that are worth remembering. A heart that is brave enough to know anothers yearnings.
    For both these hearts will see a God that knows both pain and love.
    And a God that takes joy in the reconciling of the two.
    Thanks again,
    Gregg Morris aka GM

  2. After reading the Credo ones,here is a beatitude i came up with when i realized my constant failings and short commings and addictions make me truely dependant on Jesus. Initaily it was a sarcastic laugh at thoes (me) who seem at times to be always struggleing through life. But after thinking over the lines for a few months it actualy seemed that the beatitude was a personal modern day version that really spoke to me about what Jesus was saying in his beatitudes. So here it is….
    Blessed are the fucked
    because they know there fucked
    and need Gods love.

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