‘Homer’ Rule for Cornwall

‘Rydhsys rag Kernow lemmyn’ (Freedom for Cornwall now), crys Lisa on a special Simpson Christmas message made especially for the UK recieving worldwide publicity for the Cornish cause.
Warlinenn – A Cornish Language site devoted a page to Lisa!…another chat room I visited promoted Cornish Language classes in the “strong Australian diaspora” which was cool cause I’ve done some!!! The best comment I’ve seen was on the Mebyon Kernow political party homepage.

Of the London papers, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Times all covered the story. Predictably, The Sun managed to come up with the headline ‘Simpsons get corny.’

None of these papers managed any serious commentary on the future prospects for the Cornish language or the campaign for a Cornish Assembly. That was not surprising.

The campaign for a Cornish Assembly has, so far, been largely ignored by the London press. Even in 2001, when evidence for 50,000 declarations was taken to Downing St, the campaign met with complete metropolitan indifference. The event was only covered by one London paper – the Morning Star. One newspaper journalist had stated, in an email, ‘this is probably the most significant political story to have come out of Cornwall in decades …’ His publication however, along with all the other newspapers and magazines failed to cover the story.

And yet, when it is reported that a cartoon character is going to wave a cartoon flag and utter a phrase in Cornish, there has been a media furore. What a stark contrast to the lack of serious reporting of Cornish political issues.

Simpsons Kernewek
Springfield = Park Gwenton
Crusty the Clown = Krevennek an Lorden
Donuts ! = Toesennow
Don’t have a cow man = A sos, bydh kosel
Nuclear power station = Tredanva nuklerek


5 Replies to “‘Homer’ Rule for Cornwall”

  1. I can’t believe you are running the Cornish Liberation Front through Urban Seed.
    Long live the the Duke of Cornwall!!!

  2. Stumbled on your site looking for bread. I’m a methodist minister in Newlyn, Penzance; haven’t met your dad yet but know he’s along the way from me. Interesting eclectic site; must come back and have another look when I’ve more time especially as a Cornishman with an interest oin alt worship. kernow bys vyken. Julyan

  3. Hmmm…I’d like to join the Cornish Cause but has anyone ever heard of an Asian Cornishman – specifically, not Indian or Pakistani but a South-east Asian? What would Cornish sound with an Asian accent?
    I’m keen to start an ‘Asian Invasion’ of Cornwall when I visit in mid April. Not only do we make more noise so London will have to listen but we don’t look like your typical Cornishperson so London will indeed notice us or at least the aroma of our cooking! The English won’t be hanging round when “Bo nhung dam” is served, just look at the Oasis chicks!
    By the way Marcus, Melbourne is one the most multicultural cities in the world (even the Lord Mayor is a ‘Honky’)but all the names on your website don’t reflect this. Perhaps some staff members can balance it out a bit by taking on some good asian names, like those of my asian friends: Henry, Carla, Eugene, Jackson, Perry, Brian, Genevieve, Anderson. And only then will you really be engaging culture, just look at William Hung and ‘Flynn’ from respective American & Australian idol fame. Speaking of engaging culture, how does ‘Chicken and cornwall soup’ roll off the tongue?
    P.S. “Chasin? Youth Alternatives” looks mighty familiar. I’m speaking to my lawyer.

  4. Thanks Khanh for your “Kultural” insights…very funny. How about we attempt a cross between a pasty and a rice paper roll ….interesting!!!! The “Chasin” motif emerged in my lounge room drinking VB (Vietnamese Bitter?!!?)with Tri!

  5. Eversince I found out who was going to be the ‘Dutchess of Cornwall’ in April 8 (?), I’ve had second thoughts about invading Cornwall.

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