Rec. Footy Rocks!

Walking my boys home from the park in Footscray last night I heard whistles from the Whitten Oval. Thinking we could check out the Doggies training I instead discovered Recreational Footy, the new “game for everyone”, non contact, mixed comp. Sort of like an aussie rules version of touch footy. Finally a inclusive version of footy free of local blokey club “Footy comes first” culture which demands your whole body, mind and soul! One team was short a player, so leaving the boys in the grandstand I jumped in and had a run. My adopted team “The Big Footy Bulldogs” got pumped 76 to nothing. A couple of women in the opposition dominated with the modified rules….very fast, very humbling….. but I had an absolute ball. I only know one of my teammates names (Carl )but they desperately want me back next week! Stay tuned for next Mondays results, get a team, get into it!!.
AFL, Rec. Footy and Western Bulldogs websites for info.


One Reply to “Rec. Footy Rocks!”

  1. Sounds like you’re helping out my cause to get every Christian male I know to play footy-good start.
    Its not proper footy but i’ll let it pass!

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