Benediction Incarnation (Forge)

Urban Seed was started 10 years ago when some young people moved into the city and discovered Christ among people who were homeless and experiencing drug addiction. And so the idea of the incarnation is very special to us. It’s an honour for us to be asked by Forge to participate with other communities in Melbourne in this service by contributing a benediction.

Incarnation Benediction
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God
….and the Word became flesh and dwelt
pitched the tent,
moved into the neighbourhood,
hit the street,
among us.
God became a body!
As we prepare to leave, I want you to be aware of your body
Your butt sitting on the seat,
Your dinner sitting at the bottom of your gut,
Your mind full of the many thoughts of this day.
You too are a body!
But you are more than just body.
More than “consumer.”
More than your appetites and your urges.
May your body be charged, fired, infused with by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Like the saints of old may you blessed with the knowledge of the profound connection between flesh and spirit.
May you feel it in your body.
May you feel this connection when you eat.
May it be impossible for you to read the gospels without getting hungry.
May you know what your food cost, not just what you paid for it.
May it taste good!
May you feel this connection with the earth and all creation,
May your hands and feet get dirty.
May you grow some good fruit.
May you feel this connection with others.
May you love your neighbour, not the ones you wish you had but the ones you have; human and creature!
May you be connected to community built on good sex and intimate friendships.
May you know peace and reconciliation in the war zones of relationship, family, household, church and culture.
You are the body of Christ!
Christ has no body here on earth but yours!
Christ has no hands but yours.
Christ has no feet but yours.
Christ has no butt but yours!
So get it up off your seat.
Dwelt it, tabernacle it, pitch it, move it into the neighbourhood, hit the street with it.
And may God the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of all bodies go with you.

Forge 2005 participants on Urban Seed/ CSBC roof during a City Walk!


3 Replies to “Benediction Incarnation (Forge)”

  1. Hey Marcus, thanks for showing us around Urban Seed last Sunday. I really appreciated your time and everything that you shared with us. It was challenging and inspiring. What you’re doing at Urban Seed probably made more impact on me than anything else from the whole Forge weekend. Thanks from the guy in the checkered shirt!

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