Recfooty Curnows

recfooty curnow.JPG
The Big Footy Bulldogs had a win over the Western Bulldogs Admin Staff last Monday by 11 points! I kicked four goals in windy conditions, they were all going to miss but the wind made them crooked! I told one of the Doggies staff that Dougie Hawkins had taught me to kick em like that at the Whitten Oval! He wasn’t overly impressed. One highlight was having Rach come down for her first game and having my sister Rin in from Cornwall. Another highlight was finding out that our full forward Jim’s surname is also Curnow!!!!….In fact we found out most of the team has Cornish heritage….have to rename to Big Kernow Bulldogs I reckon!



One Reply to “Recfooty Curnows”

  1. i marcaus love the new web page i am still living in sa please send me a copy of urban seed news letter to 103/328 fullarton rd fullarton adeladie go bombers god bless kelvinford

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