Gin and Jeff’s Wedding

Congrats Virginia and Jeff! Our “Ginger” from Street and Hospitality Team finally got hitched after a courtship that lasted longer than a lot of marriages! Here’s some pics….

candle lite.JPG
amber tomsy.JPG
dave white.JPG
gin aisle.JPG
ian guitar.jpg


3 Replies to “Gin and Jeff’s Wedding”

  1. In the midst of a festival of weddings this would have to be my favourite. The setting was beautiful, Gin and Jeff and their girls/fellas looked spectacular and the cold certainly brought us all together. In a world where commitment and stability seem to be things to be feared, and occasionally even mocked, these two shine as an example of hope and inspiration and I am privledged to call them friends and to be sharing their journey. Go gently, go well.

  2. Your wedding looks like it was an amazing day and you look absolutely gorgeous in your dress Gin (and you looked pretty good too Jeff). I really wish I could have been there for your special day along with all your other friends. Take care of each other and I’m sure we’ll be meeting up again in one of our countries. Love to you both.

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