Tim’s 50th Bash

tim speak s.JPG
Some pics of just some of the good, the bad and the ugly!

tim peter s.JPG
Hey bro! The National Living Treasure and Treasurer
brent pkelly s.JPG
Tim Costello and Paul Kelly with partners!
fuz carloyn s.JPG
St Pirans Day Kitto-Curnow Cornish Corner
jock doron riddell s.JPG
Paul and Sue, Jock Noble, Mike Riddell
(whos speech was worth the trip from NZ…”that small island to your east coast who take your refugees!”)
nic xeno s.JPG
Nic Xenophon, Kyla Jane and Tim were later seen downstairs going hard on the pokies!
brent pam david s.JPG
Brent “Re-enchants” himself with David Tacey and Pam Webb.
NZ crew s.JPG
The beautiful people hiding up the back! and mostly kiwis!!!


5 Replies to “Tim’s 50th Bash”

  1. Kia Ora from Aotearoa,
    Happy Birthday Tim. It’s great to see so many familiar faces celebrating your 50th birthday.It’s also great to see so many kiwis gracious enough to extend a kind and generous hand to one of Australia’s national treasures.We kiwis love to show great acts of kindness and generousity, such as openning our doors to your refugees,as Mike Riddell pointed out.But I wish we just knew when to stop those great acts kindness and generousity when it comes to the cricket!!!
    Again Happy Birthday Tim.
    P.s. The kiwis weren’t the only beautful people there Marcus,Brent was looking particularly beautiful too!!!
    Gregg Morris

  2. Great to hear from you GM….geez talk about the Kiwi who was missing!!! Of course Tim started his speech saying “If you were invited it is because Merridee likes you!”

  3. Wow… what an attention seeker. Did you get a photo without me!!
    I think I’m actually doing a Melbourne Bitter commercial… of course it’s all the same drink thoughout the photos!!!
    I’m not sure what Merridie thinks about Tim’s new partner… and I’m not sure what I was doing to make Pamela Webb pull that face.

  4. Wow only 50…….A Big happy birthday Tim and it was good to see you in matching clothes, Merridee must have layed them out….hahahahah….All jokes aside congratulations, if we all had the same effect on the world as you have it would be a better place……I trust all is well….
    In the words of the late William Booth, I will fight till the very end…………..Blessings…
    THe Aussie cricket team rocks….

  5. I just stumbled on this photo gallery. can I have some copies….they are better than the ones we got!!
    Sorry we could not invite all of New Zealand to the party.(We were worried they would stay and want our jobs!) Seriously it was a great night and the old boy was pleased and surprised (yes even he gets surprised by attention at times!).
    Thanks to the Urban Seeders who joined us and the lovely unexpected gift. He will need courage for that one ( a half hour acrobatic flight!)But it will make another story, no doubt!
    Blessings on you all.

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