Norlane Missional Community Launch

A bunch of the mob gathered this Sunday at Norlane Baptist Church for the welcome of long term Urban Seeder’s Brent and Belinda Lyons-Lee into the area of North Geelong. The Baptist church has been struggling for a some time but along with the financial assistance of Baptist Union and with some Urban Seeders hanging around, we are all excited about what the Norlane:Missional Community (n:mc) may become. The Sunday sevice was led by ex-resi Tony Venz’s dad, Steve. As we were planting irises in the church garden as a symbol of the future during the service , who should we hear yelling out from afar but Eco Paul, wandering down the road after having caught the train (via Seymour???!!) and sleeping the night on the North Shore beach. Talk about the voice of one crying in the wilderness!
…..stay tuned for some upcoming thought provoking and tasty Norlane “n:oodle nights”!


2 Replies to “Norlane Missional Community Launch”

  1. Eco Paul used to come to the Hare Krishna temple in Albert Park after having a swim in the ocean. Happy to see he is alive and well and spending time with some God centred people. Please say hi from Bhakta Nick at the Hare Krishna temple!

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