State Youth Games

sacred space sign.JPG
I was very proud of the staff and volunteers of Urban Seed:green, our youth participation team, who on short notice pulled off a “Sacred Space” prayer tent at State Youth Games in Warragul this long weekend.
Stations included
· Credo Beatitudes and Lords Prayer Stations
· 5 senses prayer
· Labyrinth
· Reading the newspaper with a holding cross
· Origami Fish prayers hooked on a net
· Graffitti Wall and Art space
· Celtic ‘Greishog’ ritual (Evening and Morning Prayers)
· Confessional Mirror
· Confessional Sand and Pond
· Shout to the Lord /Angry at God Station
(This included lots of poems and images which were very confronting. Some found it unnecessarily controversial other people just sat and wept!)
angry station small 1.JPGincense loop.JPG
Other groups ran a Communion Service, Post- it note prayers, Images of Jesus, Images based on the U2 song ‘Yahweh,’and an intercessory session before the evening events. It was the first time SYG had offered an alternative space such as this and was great to be a part of. Having spoken there last year I was really impressed with it as a Christian event it does well in terms of Len Sweets EPPIC framework (experiential, proclaim ,participatory, interactive, community….or somethin like this). Sacred Space really added to this!
We got flooded out on Friday night, the tent only leaked where there was electical equipment (projecters, laptops etc)!!!! For a while we were very depressed and thought we may just float candles down the puddles on the floor! With great effort we recovered! Unfortunately we put much more thought into the Sacred Space than our own our campsite (We forgot to bring the roof!!!) so we ate soggy cereal whilst cobbling together borrowed tarps….very Urban Seed! Well done David Bryce, Tom Popplewell and Ian ‘MacGyver’ Charles.
syg seedy tent.JPG
The other highlight was Marty Costello who showed up and created an Urban Seed basketball team out of nothing to take out the C4 grade final. A true miracle!
Darryl Gardiner from YFC New Zealand was the guest speaker and it was great to catch up with him again after 8 years since my Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH ) involvement. He generously plugged Urban Seed Mission Exposures and Residential Placements as a way of taking discipleship seriously.
Read on for Classic DG Quotes:

“Following Jesus is more than singing songs. It’s much more fun singing songs when your not a Christian because at least then you can be drunk or stoned. Its much more fun singing songs when you’re drunk or stoned.”
“Send me your emails of complaint. I print them off and hang them on the wall of my office where my degrees should be”
Bagging the inane Planet Shakers song ‘Everything has changed, Everything is different’ song…..
“You’ll stop swearing but everything else will be the same.. following Jesus requires radical, revolutionary lifestyle change. You’ll worry about changing your job, your suburb and your kitchen but everything else will stay the same. People who aren’t Christian’s think that you are boring”


3 Replies to “State Youth Games”

  1. Yeah I thought he was great, and I really loved the Sacred Space-top stuff.
    I did think Darryl was a little demeaning of people seeing their everyday life as part of their mission. A few of the young adults from our church reflected back that it felt like he was saying the only way you could serve God was to go out and do something crazy, like UNOH or Urban Seed!

  2. i think the “Sacred Space” was a great idea, somewere i could get away to prey and be with god. this was my first year at SYG and i have to say it was one ov the best camps i have ever been on.

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