is a Short Film made 15 or so months ago.
The subject is Credo Cafe icon EcoPaul, his brand of ecological compassion and his relationship with his sister.
It runs for 12 minutes and was filmed by Glenda Tobias, Pauls sister and produced by Carmel Macaloon.
Initially embarrassed by her ecologically-obsessed brother, whose odd behavior includes collecting rubbish and washing his clothes in public fountains, Glenda Tobias finally comes to terms with his eccentric ways.
It is fair to say LAUNDRETTE is – almost – taking Melbourne by
storm. It is now being screened at Melbourne International Film
(MIFF). Dates are Tuesday July 26 [5PM] and Tuesday
August 2 (9PM). (Both at Greater Union on Russsell.)
(Looks like Urban Seed staff might bug out on staff prayers early to check this out if you want to join us!)
Check out the details by clicking here
Recently Screened to rave reviews in Washington DC!

I think I’ll start listing “The Prophesies of EcoPaul”….

“The Prophesies of EcoPaul”: Chapter 1

Did you know my favourite movie is MARY POPPINS. We should all be dancing on the chimney tops. Judy Garland can also be there singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Remember whatever we might think – or not – of Mr John Howard, he’s one heck of a Survivor !!!

Blessings from the Social Prophet to whom nobody listens
why should they? They have everything.
They live and love Comfort.
‘Austerity’ and ‘sense gratification’
are favourite words of the Hare Krishna Movement
but not of Australian Churchgoers. Why not ?
i challenge you to look at weekly wastebins.
Also, whose letterboxes (litterboxes?) have
“No Junk Mail” stickers and who cares ??
GOD IS IN THE WASTE !!!!! *EcoPaul*


2 Replies to “EcoPaul THE MOVIE!”

  1. Hey there, any chance of getting a copy of the film over here. Would love to see it and show it to the Oasis Girls.
    Keep it recycled Eco.

  2. Hi EcoPaul,
    Even your name is my name re-cycled. I love to re and I love cycling, way to go, Eco!
    If i can get even a glance at part of your life recycled by a camera, I surely won’t hesitate.
    Greetings, Ecopaul,
    the Netherlands

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