Reclink Footy Grand Final

emma presentation.JPG
Credo Community legend Emma Groves receives her premiership medallion from Rob Butters (St Kilda Footy Club President) after having kicked a goal for the “Hearters” (Sacred Heart Mission) in their final. Whilst Urban Seed has never been big enough to field a team, the Reclink Footy Grand Final Day is a great event for so many people and an important cultural event in the calanders of many welfare organisations around Melbourne. It was great catching up with so many Credo people…
In my modern rewrite of the gospel called “The Gospel of Vic” I used the tradition of footy as a contested religious idea and a metaphor of true community…..It’s days like this that inspire it! More pics below….

footy huddle.JPG
David Bryce in the Hearters huddle ponders how the hell this prepares him for working with street kids in Cambodia next year…
3 thinkers.JPG
Daz, Koos and Boony ponder the deep meanings of footy…
ewen jackson footy.JPG
Jackson and Ewen ponder running amok…
woodsy runner.JPG
Boony ponders Woodsy’s credentials as the Hearters “runner”…
sarah and baby.JPG
Sarah ponders motherhood…a footy widow!?
father terry.JPG
Father Terry from Sacred Heart Mission ponders whether Ratzinger might be up for a kick during World Youth Day, 2008.
kaz tomsy ruth.JPG
Kaz, Ruth and Tomsy ponder their interest in footy…
614 footy.JPG
The 614 Salvos from up the road ponder their own final…


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