The Scott’s Backyard Blitz

homecoming 1.jpg
Whilst Eileen and Neville(my wife Rachael’s Mum and Dad) went a travelling back ‘home’ to Yorkshire for their 50th Wedding Anniversary (including catching up with my own parents Beryl and Ted at Aunty Junes in Bradford!) the Scott clan took to the backyard over three weekends for our very own Backyard Blitz ( this family would leave most reality TV crews for dead!!!!)…..the reactions upon homecoming below…

homecoming 2.jpg
Wide eyed Nev!
homecoming 3.jpg
A disbelieving Eileen reviews the jobs completed menu!
homecoming 4 small.jpg
Nev and a teary Eileen discover the 50th Anniversary Photo Frame!
homecoming 5 bday.jpg
One of the workdays was my birthday (at 34 I’m now officially post-Jesus!… in age at least!) you can see the new whizzbang spa decking in the background.


2 Replies to “The Scott’s Backyard Blitz”

  1. Congrats family. What a wonderful surprise. after a long trip from Uk I’m sure the family just loved their surprise and couldn’t wait to enjoy.

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