Blackstump 05

See below for some pics from the Urban Seed road movie to Blackstump…..(can it still be a road movie if you fly????) Also Mark Piersons reflections.

Kate Allen (2005 ressie)runs a workshop on “Banquet: Recovering the Christian Tradition of Hospitality.” It was really nice giving the ra ra Urban Mission, serve the poor type rant a rest and to come at our work from this angle….Great job Kate!
marx n fuzz.jpg
Kernow Rocks….showing off my new Cornish shirt (sent for my birthday from my sis Lorinda in Cornwall) with fellow Cornishman and Stump Director Fuzz Kitto. A legendary youth worker from way back he gave us some great help with our new Urban Seed: edge program of our Youth and Schools work…. running leadership and community development education in needy areas around the state.
sydney coffee 2.jpg
The mandatory harbour shot……Mark “The Receptionist” Pierson with mandatory raisin toast!
sydney coffee.jpg
Lace ponders Sydney coffee is this a long mac or a short latte???? Thankfully our weirdness was alleviated upon arrival in Sydney as the Grand Final parade for the Swannies (GO SOUTH MELBOURNE!) went past and a whole lot of blokes from the Carlton “Its a BIG ad” went past handing out free Carlton Draught Beer….it was a sign from God that we were within his will being in this strange place!


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