Credo Cricket Oct 26

New van 1small.jpg
Credo Cricket is back in action with the Urban Seed mob joining forces with St. Marks and 614 to play in the fortnightly Wednesday comp. Above is the team in the new Urban Seed van (YUMBA-Bird #3) so generously donated to us.
After demolishing Western Storm last fortnight we had a cracking victory yesterday at Poplar Oval in Parkville. A great day had by all. Forget the Ashes the next game will be the big one against the mighty Sacred Heart!
Brunswick Salvos: 9 for 92 (Woodsy 2/12)
Credo Lions: 2:94 (Brycey 22 not out, Curnow 20)
Higlights: Woodsys 2 wicket comeback over after going over the fence in his first. Brycey and Marcus both hit in the box!. ACDC on the new van stereo on the way! Robbies speccy catch to get rid of one of their big hitters for a duck! Snowy throwing himself all over the place in the field…with usual injuries, moaning etc.

woodsy snowy.JPG


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