Cup Day Credo Carpark Lunch

lane bbq 2 small.JPG
In our ongoing journey of making our laneway a more welcoming, cleaner and safer space the Credo Community took the whole Melbourne Cup Day Carpark Brunch tradition to a new level in our own carpark in Baptist Place. Cup day is an amazing contrast in city of Melbourne when the city goes from a pre race mass of expectant, festive, colourful, frocked up beauty …to seeing the violence and general ugliness of post race revelry….talk about Makabe Diva “Fever “!!! On “All Saints Day” we wanted to celebrate those Saints of our city that wouldn’t get to wine and dine in corporate marquee’s. A fab day was had by all. “This should become a tradition.” said one punter at the end of the day! Some great pics below…..

luke woodsy barries.JPG
Luke sets up the races on the TV. in the laneway with an excited Barries and Woodsy.
ginge marx small.JPG
Nice pink boa ginge!
lane bbq small.JPG
The party starts…
nige marx laneway bar small.JPG
Marx and Nige at the Laneway Bar! The Maison flowed smooth…..more pop in the cork than the drink but she still flowed smooth!
kate at bar small.JPG
Kate Allen takes her turn behind “The Baptist Place Bar”
luke jeff bbq small.JPG
Luke and Jeff roll the snags whilst the nags roll on.
bowling lane small.JPG
Credo cricket in the laneway breaks out……
laneway cricket 2 small.JPG
…and goes off….wonder if The Commonwealth Games will be able to live up to this this welcoming, inclusive, freindly city sporting vibe?!
batter up small.JPG
The cricket game was a different kind of hit! ” If we weren’t here laughing we’d be agro at each other.”
mirror cupday small.JPG
Our response to the back doors and laneways of our city can be a mirror to the dark places of our own lives!


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