Homelessness Resource Launch

sam and steve.jpg
Congratulations to our one and only Samara Pitt who has worked so hard in putting together an amazing resource for schools and community groups on Homelessness. The launch in our laneway was Urban Seed at its best, bringing together a great diversity of our city’s punters to think about important issues.

john kilner.jpg
John Kilner from The Age was a key person in getting the project off the ground!
eco and rod shake hands.jpg
EcoPaul and Rod Quantock get aquainted
rodquantock2.jpgeco, rod, radiation gun.jpg
Rod in full flight….Eco discovering Rod’s mobile phone (radiation gun!)
andrew hagger.jpgcrowd4.jpg
Andrew Hagger from Price Waterhouse Coopers Foundation who generously supported the project.
jen, jo, nathaniel.jpg
sue & friend.jpg
cookie lace.jpg
Cookie and Lace banged out some tunes to set the vibe! Thanks Cookie for all your subediting work and to everyone else who made the resource possible!


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