Matt 2: 1-12 :Year B (Epiphany) The Magi Remixed

An Urban Seed Nativity: The Magi Remixed
This is a blantant tinker with Nathan Nettleton’s attempt at connecting the shock and offense of the Magi’s arrival with his own congregation at South Yarra (check the Sermon “Shocking News” under his link for this week). I connected with this because the laneway in Baptist Place is a busy place for injecting drug use and I have often felt disturbed when I see a child in a pram down there with parents who are using….perhaps this kind of feeling is a good one to have if we wish to get a feel for the drama of the nativity….

Once upon a time God decided to become human and be born as a baby on earth. He was born, on a Saturday night, to a couple of street kids called Mary and Joe who were sleeping rough in the back laneway of Collins Street Baptist Church. The next morning all the regulars turned up for Sunday worship, completely unaware of the tiny family out in the laneway. Half way through the service, there was a knock at the door and three strangers came in. They looked something like a cross between yuppies and gypsies, sort of smartly dressed but with lots of jewellery and strings of crystals round their necks and stuff. “Excuse us,” they said, “but we’re the staff from the Mythic Reality New Age Enlightenment Centre in Smith Street, and we’re looking for the manifestation of the divine that has appeared just around here.”

“What are you talking about?” replied the startled regulars at the church.

“Well, we’re not sure of the exact details, but Sasha here was reading the Tarot Cards this morning, and the cards clearly said that an omnipotent divine presence had just appeared as a baby in Collins Street. We were a bit surprised at first, but then our brother Moonlight here spent half an hour calculating the astrological chart for today, and sure enough, there was an unusual conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter last night, and that occurring under the sign of Capricorn confirms what the cards had said. So we’ve come with a good supply of healing and empowering crystals as a gift for the baby.”

At that moment a baby’s cry was heard from out the back and on investigation a baby named Jesus was discovered with his frightened parents in the back lane.


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