Vocations Stations for MLC

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Ran what I thought was our best ever Alt. Vocations session with MLC final year students last week. Thanks to Oasis punters, Pamela Hopper and Jo Wright for some fab. work last year making this year possible. I loved the Stations because it moved away from an Urban Seed rant about stuff to really facilitating a space where people could do some serious, yet cool personal soul work. Some of the conversations I had with students were very real, earthy and honest. THanks guys….Station list below!

Vocations Stations
A reflective space to assist you on the journey of hearing the voice of God.
MLC Retreat Day 2006
Feel free to sit, stand, walk, lie down, approach one or all of the stations, and in any order. Please respect others by moving and reflecting quietly.

Station 1: Booklet: You’re More than Your Score
Take away our booklet of quotes, stories and ideas to help you workshop and journal ideas of vocation in your own life…
Station 2: Creation Plinth “Voices shape Choices”Write, draw or make a stencil and spray on the plinth, words or images that describe what you want to say to God at this time or what you consider a voice that will help you to make positive, creative choices for this year and beyond.
Station 3: Temptation Plinth “Voices shape Choices” Satan: “Command these stones to become bread.”
Jesus: “Humanity shall not live on bread alone but by the stories of God”
Write, draw or make a stencil and spray on the plinth, words or images that represent negative, difficult voices that surround you at this time. Voices that could tempt you from your true calling.

Station 4: Wall of Fa
What’s your first reaction to the images of “successful” women in our society. Write your gut response/ words/ideas on their pictures around the walls. How do they shape your own ideas of success?
Station 5: Leunig
Watch some short snippets of Animated Leunig around the themes of life, success, and calling.

Station 6: Simpsons

Watch some edited vocation scenes from classic Simpson’s episodes:
“Different Vocations”: Bart and Lisa have vastly different reactions when they receive the results of their computer careers test.
“Marge Gets a Job” : Marge overcomes the negative voice of her high school art teacher and rediscovers her artistic streak.
Consider plot, scenes, etc. lines that connect with your own experience. What similar struggles and/or barriers to vocation can you identify with?
Station 7: The Piano Confessional
Pick up a stone and hold it tight in your hand. Sit and watch the video loop from the movie The Piano for a while – at least once through the sequence. Reflect on what you might have to let go of or reduce in priority in order to move toward your calling. Drop your stone into the bucket as a symbol of your resolve to move forward.

Station 8: Green Collect
An 8 minute promotional video for Green Collect, a business that operates out of this building. Green Collect creates opportunities for business, community and the environment by employing disadvantaged people in recycling initiatives. Hear participants talk about what work means for their lives.
Station 9: TimeTimetables, Deadlines…. Year 12 is hectic/beautiful/amazing/stressful time. The way we think about and treat time says a lot about what we truly believe…hmmm chocolate eggs.
Station 10: Funeral / Remember the Saints
How will you be remembered? What legacy will you leave? Consider what would you like people to say at your funeral?
At a traditional Christian funeral the coffin is covered by a white “baptisimal cloth” to indicate their identity and hope for new life was based upon stories of Jesus. Often this baptisimal garment is embroidered with the names of people from that community who have “died in Christ”.
Remember those that have died. Write upon the ‘baptisimal cloth’ the names of those saints or hero’s that have shaped and inspired you. Who’s sacrifice inspires your own sense of vocation?
Station 11: Candle lighting
Life is no brief candle to me. It’s a sort of splendid torch which I’ve got to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations. George Bernard Shaw
Light a candle and watch it burn for a time. What light will you shine into the world? Place the candle in the sand tray as a prayer for yourself, another person, or a situation.
Station 12: Bread, Betrayal and Failure
At his last meal Jesus offers to put his body on the line for his calling. “This is my body given for you; eat it and remember me.” He gives this bread to a friend who will later betray him with a kiss. Eat bread, consider betrayal and lipstick …
Station 13: Water and New Life
Water is life and death. Christ is death and life. In the same way that he had taken the bread, Jesus took what they had been drinking and said, “This is my life-blood, given for you. A symbol of the new relationship I’m making possible between you and God.” Drink and encounter the risen Christ. Be refreshed and renewed.
Station 14: Mirror
Stand in front of the mirror. Take some time and look at yourself. The bible says you were created unique and beautiful, “in the image of God”. What are the things that spoil the image of who you were created to be.? As you reflect upon these things smear some dirt across the mirror.
Jesus says: “Your sins are forgiven.” God longs to restore this beauty to you. Use a tissue wipe the dirt off the mirror. Consider that just as God creates, you also were made in God’s image to be creative and work to restore beauty to a broken creation.
U2: Elevation, Switchfoot: This is your Life, Peter Gabriel: Pitch Black
Conclusion : The Credo Beatitudes


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