Dizney on Dry Ice

My brother Nathan wrote this play for the Melbourne Comedy Festival, come and check it out, great Melbourne actors, very funny, original script….cant wait!
Dizney on Dry Ice, a La Mama production as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
It will be playing at the Cartlon Courthouse from April 6 to 22nd. You can book tickets through La Mama at www.lamama.com.au or call them on (03) 9347 6142 … but wait until closer to the date… my tickets aren’t on sale just yet.
i would love for you to come and check out the escapades of Marvin and his girlfriend Wilma.
‘See, he’s dead, but he ain’t dead. No, see that’s the magic of Disney.
They’ve been keeping him on ice, baby, so one day they can bring him back to life.’
Marvin, the dumbest crim in the USA has one foolproof plan: steal the cryogenically frozen head of Walt Disney, stuff it in a carry cooler and then phone in the ransom.
It’s perfect, think about it, everybody loves Walt Disney. Everybody wants him back. Everybody except Jeffery Goldstein, the Jewish Bank Manager who won’t give up the ten million dollars in the vault.
With cops surrounding his gang once again, Marvin has no option but to wind up and kick Walt Disney’s frozen head down the street.
And as if that’s not bad enough, there’s The Ordnung, the Amish Police Snipers, Brother Sy and an entire disabled criminal organisation out to get him.


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