PWC Credo Cricket Match

pwc 1 game 2006.jpg
Having recently finished the Reclink cricket season as C-grade runners up the Credo Cricket juggernaut moved to the Carey Baptist Grammar Sports Grounds last week. (Thanks Carey for your support over the years, particularly Tranter for the cricket gear.) Some of our supporters from Price Waterhouse Coopers (who are famously sponsoring that other rather large Melbourne sporting event at present) had a great day. After some feilding practise we went straight into the BBQ. Just when it looked like we may just eat and give cricket a miss I gave a Credo “Cricket you can believe in” Sermon and Ali lead a great warm up before finally some real ordinary cricket got played! It was tight right up till the last over with Woodsy seeing the orange team home. Nathan the Giant got re-nicknamed Big Bird for his over use of the one fingered salute in protest at some close umpiring decisions. Thankfully the rest of the day was peace filled! I love Credo Cricket!

pwc 2 game 2006.jpg
pwc 3 game 2006.jpg
pwc 4.jpg
pwc 5.jpg
Picture 004.jpg
Picture 005.jpg


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