To Blog or to Live!

Forgive me Father for I have sinned it has been three weeks since my last blog entry……I am to busy living life.
I should have blogged about….(just making a list for some sense of chronology!)
1. “CLEAN” Commonwealth Games Prayer of Confession
2. Zero Coke Prayer of Confession
3. THe most amazing Credo Mens Retreat to Donald which included Emu herding!
4. Dark Dinner Maundy Thursday Events in Footscray, Brunswick, Preston, Sunshine.
5. Dead Man Waiting ….the coolest Easter liturgy I have experienced ever….Mark P. and Cheryl L. rox!
6. Seeds for Bendigo…..coming up on May 1
7. Rumours of the death of Urban Seed church are highly exaggerated.
8. “Get the Word” Call to Worship
9. Palm Sunday- Barries “Jesus does Elvis”; Why would Jesus drive? via Gospel of Vic….
cant blog… too busy living it…. to blog or not to blog, a blog in the hand is worth two in the bush!? A blog by any other name…to many blogs spoil the broth. A watched blog never boils….


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