Dead Man Waiting

Alright finally some photos off the mobile phone of the legendary Easter Saturday service “Dead Man Waiting”……which made an article by the sydney anglicans full of fabulously reactive statements!… Oh my Lord, dripping ice waters down the gospel!!!!!!! I think their Christendom must be crumbling…or is that melting??!! Acknowledging the Dead Man is an important thing! As I said in my last post Mark P. and Cheryl L. rox!
Content of the service and some of the discussion re follow up/fall out can be found at Cheryle Lawries blog

nicer pix of dead man waiting here


One Reply to “Dead Man Waiting”

  1. I have not been struggling with the views behind that article since I read it…
    It’s fine until you get to the paragraph about “experimental churches with names like washing detergents”, and then you realise they’re taking the p***. I love the “it doesn’t offer sermons – but it does install art” (don’t even get me started on how culturally biased that is, not only re: emergents, but half the world’s population that’s not into sitting around and pontificating).
    How does “installing art”, and playing Johnny Cash challenge “biblical orthodoxy” and “established biblical teaching”. It also gets alt worship seriously confused with the emerging church – you can have one without the other…
    And which of “candles, incense poetry, technology and art” falls into the category of “Christian” and “pagan”?
    *grin* this line speaks for itself…
    “Bishop Forsyth calls for patient, not panicked, responses.”

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