Confession: Vine

I Am the Vine - 1960.jpg
I am the Vine, Wantanabe, 1960.
This Sundays Common Readings saw me take the John 15 “Abide in Me” verses and use it for confession. As the reading was read I took my secateurs and walking around the room chopped a piece of vine for each person encouraging them to consider the parts of their life that were dead wood, I encouraged them to hold it until our communion/response time and place it at the foot of the cross, which was placed central, standing on an old tree stump. It made a nice ‘abide in me”, vine as body of Christ type image at the centre of the worship gathering.
Many of the Urban Seed mob were away on Credo retreat up at the Grampians where Ali and Tommsy gave the thing an Aussie indigenous spin by using the image of a gum tree. Whilst reflecting upon the significance of vines for Jewish people they handed around branches which after considering pruning, burning and confession people threw into a campfire. As the service progressed they pulled out a damper that had been cooking under the coals and mixed this with billy tea for the eucharist. A nice ressurection image. I think they finished with some kind of anointing blessing with Eucalyptus oil also. Well done guys, exceptional!


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