Brianna’s Engagement Party

For all those who missed out because of Credo retreat or other reasons I have put up my speech from Bri (ressie 2002) and Paul’s engagement party. They will hopefully get married at Jesus People USA soon! Speech and photos below…

Giving a speech on behalf of the friends is a difficult thing to do because Brianna has a great diversity of friends. Brianna is loved by many people.
Firstly there are the “God” friends, but when shes not hanging out a church shes often hanging out with her “Beer” Friends, then of course there is the “Footy” friends. I’m passionate about all three which is probably why Im doing the speech.
Then of course let us not forget the other vital group of friends in Bri’s life, yes I’m talking about the BOY Friends. It’s fair to say that Bri has had a rather eventful love life and its great that a number of the boy friends could be here tonight.
In fact isn’t it a special thing that tonight at her engagement party Bri’s love life has finally brought us all together…….instead of tearing us all apart! Its probably fair to say that Bri’s love live has been nothing short of tumultuous. One could describe Bri’s love life as a cross between The Bold and the Beautiful and Big Brother. But you see that’s OK, thankfully it’s nothing Paul can’t handle because Paul actually grew up in a Big Brother household….thats not with 12 residents….try 400!
You see Paul’s family are religious freaks! In the 70’s they joined a group of religious fanatics, traveled around the countryside entertaining people and moved into a Christian commune called Jesus People USA. But this is OK, you see in the 70’s Bri’s family also joined of a group of religious fanatics, who travelled around the countryside entertaining people called the Essendon Football Club. Different country, different religion….and yet similar! (short discussion about Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy as cult leader type figure, how else could he have lasted so long…etc)
Paul I’m not family so I can hardly welcome you into the family but just before you leave us I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the country. Of course our countries have shared a special connection over the years. Such is the relationship that even as I speak George Bush is making a bed up in the White House for our own Prime Minister, John Howard. He’s been visiting so often lately I think he has his own special room. At least I hope he has a separate room!? I certainly hope he wears pajamas either way!
Of course in recent times America wanted to invade Iraq. Even though every other country in the world thought it was a stupid idea, there we were, Australia, right alongside you. And of course who can forget Vietnam; and World War 2 where the GI’s would come to Australia for rest and relaxation and run off back to America, taking our best women with them! Paul you stand in a long tradition of bloody Americans running off with our girls.
Paul, we have found you to be a genuinely nice bloke, you are cool calm and collected, and importantly around Bri, completely unflappable. You treat Brianna the way that those of us who love her feel she deserves to be treated and it has been a pleasure to get to know you.
Paul doesn’t say much but he is a very good listener, and having lived with Bri, and I think all those who know her would agree, let me say what an important quality being a good listener will be. Paul, you will get plenty of opportunity to use this gift.
Brianna, you are well loved by many for good reason. You are full of life, and in many ways you are larger than life. You have a spirit about you that has risen above many of the hurdles you have had to face and I know and trust that this will continue into the future.
We will miss you greatly but we hope there is much tooing and froing back and forth. You could perhaps see if you can reserve regular seats next to John Howard. Given your politics this may grate so perhaps you should hope that Peter Costello gets elected as Prime minister, you see he’s a religious freak as well, at least he barracks for Essendon!


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