State Youth Games Sacred Space 06

A visual recap of our Sacred Space contribution to State Youth Games. Great to be involved in putting together a reflective and creative space with young people for young people.

empty space.jpg
Friday night arrival to empty space 10×10…our mission: to create a sacred space.
Transforming…we also provided a space for the cafe which gave the sacred space more of a casual vibe than last year.
fri nite jam.jpg
With only a few tables thrown out Friday night turns into a jam session.
justin begins.jpg
Justin begins creating a sacred space Saturday morning!
drew & chloe.jpg
Drew and Chloe
drew digs.jpg
Drew digs in “The Waters Edge” station
marx and jono.jpg
With Jono
damo coffin.jpg
Damien texts up the coffin for the Communion of Saints station
plinth master.jpg
Plinth Master Rachael
plinth masters.jpg
The Plinth Masters from Oasis begin….
plinth masters 2.jpg
Caroline and Amy from the Oasis Global Action Team.
Hmmm are these prayer plinths, pyramids or obelisks? The debate continues….
confessional & barbed wire.jpg
Barbed wire “clothes line” for newspaper intercession with confessional box in background.
confession cards.jpg
Confession postcards
waters edge station.jpg
The Waters Edge Station: reflection on the stories of jesus
jammin small.jpg
Jammin in the Sacred Space, by the Sunday night people were getting up and sharing songs and testimonies spontaneously which said a lot for the vibe that had been created.
warragul cold.jpg
Warragul, winter, COLD!
marx justin tired.jpg
Tired but happy.
damo sleeps.jpg
big weekend!
grafitti 1.jpg
grafitti 2.jpg
grafitti 3.jpg
grafitti 4.jpg
grafitti 5.jpg
grafitti 6.jpg
grafitti 7.jpg
grafitti 8.jpggrafitti 9 door.jpg


One Reply to “State Youth Games Sacred Space 06”

  1. Marx, you should be really proud. Cutting edge, relevant worship existing alongside social action – it’s a rare things. 🙂

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