Oasis Adventures 2006

Oasis 2006 close.jpg
Been studying Mark’s Gospel and travelling “on the way” to the Great Ocean Road and the Credo/Corporate Day at the You Yangs with this years Oasis Global Action Team who have once again become an important part of our lives. Amy, Caroline and Rachael you are grouse! (Aussie for good!)Thanks for the “road movies”.

oasis 3 gor.jpgOasis 2006 gor 2.jpg
Oasis 2006 marx rach gor.jpg
Oasis 2006 ew pez rocks.jpg
Oasis 2006 gor 3.jpg
oasis 3 gor apostles.jpg
Oasis 2006 gor1.jpg
Oasis 2006 koala.jpg
oasis 3 gor trees.jpg
Oasis 2006 you yangabseil.jpg
Oasis 2006 you yang rain.jpg

1:9 And it happened in those days that Jesus came
from the Western Basalt Plains and was baptized by John
into the Little River. 10 And the moment he came up
out of the water he saw the heavens ripped apart
and the Spirit Bunjil Maman swooped down upon
him like an eagle-hawk. 11 And a voice came out of
the land, “”You are my dear Son, with you I am
really pleased””. 12 And straightaway the Spirit
throws him out into the scrub. Satan was in the
bush tempting him. And he was with the wild beasts
and the spirits of the ancient dreaming were ministering
to him.

Gospel of Vic. 2006


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