Wildly Moody Violent Peace Activist

UNOH fist.bmp
Hows this…doing a session at the UNOH Conference which has been put down in the program as “Being a wild nonviolent peace activist.” I have close friends going…Marcus??!! Perhaps they could try “Being a wildly moody youth worker who believes in the idea of nonviolence but can often be a bastard in conflict.” I’m no Donna Mulhearn! All I was thinking of was running some of the games and roleplays we play at safety training because they are fun! sSeriously I’m looking forward to the conference especially catching up with the Kiwi’s!


2 Replies to “Wildly Moody Violent Peace Activist”

  1. I wiiiiiish I could go to this conference, it looks like such a good bunch of speakers, topics, etc etc.
    Peace activist, eh? I like the alternative title better…I reckon most of us are ok at the physical non-violence thing but struggle with the emotional non-violence. LOL.

  2. Yeah Marx, your’e an arrogant Christian prick. Thats what you tell schools anyway… 🙂
    “Jesus may love ya, but I don’t.”

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