2 Samuel 11-12, Year B, (Proper 10-11): David, Bathsheba & Nathan Stations

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Annette Buckley blessed our Seeds Sunday Gathering @ The Den by telling us the story of David and Bathsheba. Annette is part of the Australian guild of the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NOBS). She is amazing in that she memorised the story and told it by walking around to each of the stations which represented a different location/character in the story. The stations were then used for responses by the mob after the story had concluded and this included some great sharing by people about the passage and how much is gained by hearing it performed. Much Grace to you Annette. Stations below…

2 Samuel 11-12
With whom in the story do you identify and why? Who are you in the story?
• David
• Joab
• The kings men
• The whole Israelite army
• The soldiers & archers of Rabbah
• Bathsheba
• ‘Someone’ who David sends to find out about Bathsheba, and ‘the man’ who tells him who she is – probably the same person
• Eliam
• Uriah
• The messengers who are sent to get Bathsheba
• The person who brings word to David that Bathsheba is pregnant
• The person who takes the order for Joab to send Uriah
• The person who takes a gift for Uriah after he’s spoken to David
• All David’s servants, who Uriah spends the night with
• The person who tells David Uriah did not go home
• Servers at the meal where David gets Uriah drunk
• The messenger Joab sends with the account of the battle
• Abimelech & Jerub-besheth
• The woman with the millstone
• Women who would have mourned with Bathsheba (??)
• Unnamed baby
• Nathan
• The rich man, poor man and his family, and the traveller in Nathan’s story (and the sheep!)
• Saul
• Saul’s wives
• David’s wives
• David’s house/household
• ‘One who is close to you’
• All Israel!
• The elders of David’s house
• The servants in David’s house
• Solomon
• The king of Rabbah
• The people of Rabbah
Response Stations
hands up.jpg
Rabbah Station: War Corner
Take the pliers. Cut a piece of the barbed wire and use as a holding cross. As you hold it observe the newsprint pictures from this weeks papers. Remember bodies and places that are torn by violence this day in Israel and Lebanon, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Arrests in London re War on Terror etc. Place in the sand tray as a prayer or take wire with you to remember these prayers through the week.
lover fighter.jpg
Throne Confession: What might Nathan say to you about your own use of power? What convicting story or image would be used? Identify with David’s confession by attaching your own upon the throne using the words provided and pins. (or feel free to write your own). As you do you may wish to consider the words of The Son’s of Korah’s version of Psalm 51 (attributed as David’s response to this situation.)
davids sheep.jpg
Nathan Station: The Writing on the Wall
Think of the “big” prophets. People who have power to speak truth about hotly contested issues in our world this week. Consider times when you have been put in the position of Nathan. What situations in your life are you called to play the role of whistleblower? In what ways must you speak truth to power? Offer a prayer for politicians, advocates or yourself by writing on the wall.
see nothing.jpg
Servant Station: Consider the roles of the “little people” in our world who act courageously. Wash your hands in the bowl provided to remind you of those who serve you and the small acts of service vital for your own life of following Christ the Suffering Servant
communion cups thin small.jpg
House of the Lord : Eucharist Meal
Help yourself to the Lords Supper or make a tithe. At Seeds we use water for our cup to identify with our land, our history, those imprisoned and Christ’s offer to be the “living water” by which we would thirst no more. Jesus said “This is my lifeblood poured out for you.” “This is my body broken for you. Eat, Drink and Remember me…”
bathsheba stencil3.jpg
Bathsheba & Uriah’s House: Light a candle as a prayer for those who mourn, are used and abused.
What questions or responses does the story raise for you? What does the story make you want to say, to others or to God? We will conclude our response time with a chance to share your thoughts with others.


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