Confession: Beirut

At our Seeds Gathering @ The Den this week Christop Booth used images and sounds of Mazen Kerbaj’s blog as the Prayer of Confession. Framing it as an opportunity to consider the impact of violence in our world and in our own lives he introduced us to the musician and artist who lives in Beirut.

His cartoon drawings portrayed the practicalities of life and the emotional chaos of being bombarded. His eerie musical recordings literally had the sounds of bombs falling in the backgroud. It was surreal and haunting and was very powerful to use in a Christian worship service.

It reminded me somewhat of the time U2 crossed to the beseiged Sarajevo in the middle of their concert. The potential for bringing personal blogs from contested spaces in our world into the heart of our liturgy (in terms of really hearing the voices of the marginalised, the “other” or our enemy) is very interesting to me.

Thanks Christop!


3 Replies to “Confession: Beirut”

  1. It reminded me a bit as well of the Miss Sarajevo beauty contest, which they had as a nonviolent way of defying their attackers.
    You shoot bombs at me, I’m going to play some music.

  2. Hey all
    I have no idea what i am meant to do on this so i will write something well my name is Coral/cass i love sport i used to belive in Jesus but at the moment i am not sure if in do or don’t mmmm i have 4 brothers my mom my step dad and 3 sisters but alot of days i am in a fight with them so ya i don’t no what else 2 say so ya 🙂

  3. You guys have to get off the emotion thing. Just like Vietnam flower power groupie stuff. That is not going to stop a war. These terrorists in Lebanon are not like us. Even the Christians in Lebanon want these Radical Hezbollah Jihadis blown up. Lebanon was a beautiful country until Arafat came there and caused so much death and destruction, all in the name of destroying Israel.
    Am I serious? Yes, and you had better get the facts about the Middle East. Israel, the Jews are still God’s people, even though they rejected Christ. Prophecy still tells us that God has major plans for the Middle East, and Jerusalem. It is totally anti-Christ if you think the Mosque on the Temple Mount is ok. Islam is a satanic religion.

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