G20: Taking up the Cross

Last Sunday’s Lectionary Bible readings included Jesus teaching to take up ones cross which was explored at various Seeds Gatherings.
The image above was taken in 2000 during the World Economic Forum meeting when Melbourne’s Crown Casino was blockaded by thousands of protestors concerned about global economic issues. At one point in the midst of violence, then Urban Seed residents Brent Lyons- Lee, Jon Cornford and David Cook took the Credo Cross and stood in between police and protestors as a witness to peace and the transformation of power.
During November 18-19 the finance ministers of the G20 will be meeting at the Hyatt in Russell Street and amongst our mob’s and beyond there is much discussion about what it means to bear witness to Christ at this moment. Interestingly to me the cross holders are each involved in different ways.
Brent Lyons-Lee and Simon Moyle and are planning G20:WWJD; Exploring the creative Nonviolence of Jesus at The Den with view of doing something out of this with a Christian bent on the streets during the G20. (9am-5pm, 116 Little Bourke St, Call: 0413311170)
Jon Cornford from Common Life will run a bible study with Urban Seed at The Den on November 15 entitled JESUS AND THE G20: A Bible Study on Luke, Capitalism and the Kingdom of God. (7.30-9.30pm, 116 Little Bourke Street)

The Generation 2015 Concert
is planned at the Music Bowl on Fri. Nov.17 with Oaktree Foundation. www.oaktree.org I was due to speak about “Make Affluence History” at their Galatians 210 seminar this weekend but it was unfortunately cancelled.

Make Poverty History
will be running a festival in the Alexandra Gardens on Saturday November 18 from 10am – 8pm. There will be speakers, music, games etc. They have invited Seeds to participate in the Micah Challenge marquee which gives a Christian focus to the Millenium Development Goals www.makepovertyhistory.com.au

Stop G20 Convergence
will be running a Carnival Against Capitalism www.stopg20.org which looks like it may be a giant, roaming street party at present.
An Ecumenical Service will run at St. Pauls Saturday Nov. 18 from 4.30pm. It is proposed that some kind of procession will then take place on the street, perhaps to the Make Poverty History Festival?!
I am thrilled that Seedy type people are interested and involved at each of these things at present.
During November our Seeds Sunday Gatherings at The Den will be celebrating the season of Kingdomtide. Kingdomtide is celebrated in some Protestant (particularly Methodist) traditions as a lead up to Christ the King Sunday on November 26 (the Sunday before Advent). It gives focus to social justice themes which celebrate Christ’s reign over the economies and powers of our world.
Whatever “taking up ones cross” may mean for you personally; With the G20 coinciding with Kingdomtide this year it’s a great chance for us to get involved; pray for wisdom for those participating in the various groups and actions; and discern truth together in the contest of arguments and approaches.


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