Good Samaritan Stations

Cant keep the man down! Mark Pierson pulls off another masterstroke setting up 14 reflection stations across the beautiful grounds and builidngs of the Montsalvat artists colony for 350 people as part of a World Vision staff prayer day. The title was “Looking for Loopholes in Love” which explored the story of The Good Samaritan. Pics below…

band aid 2.jpg
Punters place prayer band aids on the injured man by the side of the road…or walk by!!!
avatar 1.jpg
Placing avatars in sand to place ourselves in the story…
avatar 2.jpg
art work in loft.jpg
Stations hiding in nooks and crannies all over Montsalvat; art in the loft…
Blackboard responses…
communion 2.jpg
Communion indoors…
communion earth 1.jpg
Communion outdoors…
communion earth.jpg
Empty communion cups filled with earth and used for seed planting…
Nailing pictures to the crosses…
ice hands.jpg
Melting ice crosses in hands…
ice hands 2.jpg
ice station…
long gallery.jpg
Incense in the Long Gallery…
long gallery 2.jpg
Long gallery…
Newsline prayers…
noodle box.jpg
Noodle boxes for punters contained maps, reflections, lollies, band aids etc…
plinth 1.jpg
Plinth painting…
plinth 2.jpg
plinth build.jpg
The man at work…great job mate!


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