Jesus and the Election

howard.jpgangry jesus.jpg
image: Nicholson’s superpoll @ The Australian
John Howard vs. Kevin Rudd….who would Jesus vote for…

Jess Moretti writes:
Kevin Rudd is “the chosen one”, according to a recent survey by UMR Research.
Given their views of what Jesus Christ stood for, a representative nationwide survey of 1,000 Australians aged 18 and over concluded that the son of God would be more inclined to support Kevin Rudd than John Howard.
The survey, “Australian Views on some Religious Questions”, establishes that one quarter of Australians regularly attend church, and that the majority of regular churchgoers are Coalition voters. Half of those surveyed believe that Jesus is the son of god, while a quarter thought of him as “just a man”.
More Australians – including regular church goers – believe that Jesus would be inclined to anoint Kevin Rudd rather than John Howard. Among regular churchgoers, who are more likely to be Coalition than Labor voters, Kevin Rudd wins 25% to 19%. It looks like St Kevin’s ready for judgement day.
For the UMR report in full, click here.
For SuperRUDD click here


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