Lowenna’s Baptism

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Liturgy from Lowenna’s Baptism. A great arvo. at the Dancing Dog Cafe in Footscray.

Baptism of Lowenna Louisa Mabel Curnow
Dancing Dog Café, April 22, 2007
Welcome: Mark Pierson
Opening Ritual: Chris and Katherine
We acknowledge that we gather on the land of which the Wurundjeri people have been custodians from time immemorial. We honour this history and commit ourselves to care for the land with them. May our worship and our service be work for reconciliation with people and with our God.
(We say together…)
Jesus, light of the world, we confess that you are here. Shine your light into the hidden places of our lives, and bring warmth to the cold places of our hearts. Amen.
(silence while a candle is lit):
Gathering Song: Marcus
Prayer of Confession & Words of Forgiveness A Death in the Family/ Stones in Water/ Marcus
The Prayer of St Meriasek and Confession with thanks to Cowethas Peran Sans.
Arluth, a wrug mor ha tyr, pub uer oll re’m weressa, Lord, who made land and sea, always be my aid,
Ha roy dhym y’n fordh a wyr ow bewnans omma gedya. And guide my life here in the way of truth.
Jesu Arluth, orthyf myr, ha’th lel gras dhymmo grontya. Lord Jesus, look on me, and grant me your unfailing grace,
Jesu, pub uer oll ow desyr yw y’n bys ma dha blesya. I seek, Lord Jesus, every hour in this life to please you.
A Dhew an Tas, kemer mercy warnaf. God the Father, have mercy on me.
A Dhew an Mab, kemer mercy warnaf. God the Son, have mercy on me.
A Dhew an Sperys Sans, kemer mercy warnaf. God the Holy Spirit, have mercy on me.
A Drynsys benegys, sans ha gloryes, kemer mercy warnaf. Blessed Trinity, holy and glorious, have mercy on me.
Re gemerra Dew Ollgallosek mercy warnaf, re wrella gava dhym ow Almighty God, have mercy upon me, forgive me my sins,
pehosow ha’m ledya bys yn bewnans eternal. Amen. and lead me in life eternal. Amen.
Mark: Invites children to centre mat to hear Annette’s story

Scripture Reading
“At another time, some people approached Jesus with their children hoping that he might take the little ones in his arms and give them a blessing. The disciples told them to clear off, but when Jesus saw this, he tore strips off them. “Little children can come to me any time they like, and don’t you dare try to stop them. The realm of God is centred on children such as these. The fact of the matter is that anyone who will not welcome the life of God as trustingly as an innocent child will not receive it at all.” And with that, he gathered up the children into his arms, laid his hands on each one in turn, and blessed them all.”
Mark 10:13-16 Nathan Nettleton http://www.laughingbird.net.au
Mark: To express our love and support we now follow Jesus’ example and ask Jon Cornford to bless the children with a song.
Song: Amnificat: Jon Cornford (2004)
I kick and shout and poke my tounge out
God loves to watch when I play
Wants me to learn of his ways
I stamp my feet
I reckon that’s neat
Think and you’ll see it’ not odd
Laughter and play come from God
It’s so much fun
When I wiggle my bum in the air
God laughs with me ‘cause he made me to be
A bit like him
I crawl on the ground, I smile all around
Laughter is a form of praise
Teaches and shows us God’s way
I wave my hand, just because I can
God loves to watch when I play
He want’s me to learn of his ways.
Sometimes I cry
I don’t even know why
God loves me still when I’m sad
Even when I drive my dad mad
When I sleep at night, God holds me so tight
I dream of all the fun that I’ve had
Playing with mum and with dad
Then comes the day, I can rise up and play once again.
Baptism Ted
Marcus and Rachael, Chris and Katherine
What do you ask of God’s church for Lowenna Lousia Mabel?
We ask that she be baptised into the faith and family of Christ
In the light of both the covenant promise offered by God in Christ Jesus,
And of your request, I ask you; Do you believe that the gospel enables us to turn from the darkness of evil, and to walk in the light of Christ?
We do
Lowenna Louisa Mabel Curnow, may the Lord prepare your heart and soul and mind
to love the LORD your God and to love your neighbour as yourself, to the glory of God.
Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Eternal God,
We thank you for the gift of water,
Essential for life and cause of death;
Metaphor for both,
and symbol of your Spirit’s transformative activity
within our lives and creation.
Raging water which Jesus our Saviour
crossed and subdued,
Still waters to which you guide us.
In the beginning you moved over the waters
to bring to birth creation.
The waters of the great flood served
as both judgment and salvation.
Through their baptism in the Red Sea,
you led your people to freedom,
Directing them through the River Jordan
to the Promised Land.
Within that same river, Jesus was baptised
by John and anointed by the Spirit.
By the power of the Holy Spirit,
bless this water and Lowenna Louisa Mabel Curnow
who is baptised in it
That Lowenna may be born anew of water and the Spirit,
be raised to new life in Christ,
And strengthened to serve you in the world,
until that day when you make all things new.
Through Jesus Christ our lord,
To whom with you and the Holy Spirit,
Be all honour and glory, now and forever.
Lowenna, for you Jesus Christ has come, has lived, has suffered; for you he endured the agony of Gethsemane and the darkness of the cross; for you he has uttered the cry, ‘It is accomplished!’ For you, he has triumphed over death; for you he prays at God’s right hand; all for you, little child, even though you do not know it.
Lowenna I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Lowenna Me a’th bethisya in hanow an Taas, ha’n Mab ha’n Spiris Sans. Amen
(marking Lowenna with the sign of the cross)
Lowenna, from this day on the sign of the cross is upon you…
Lowenna is now received into the holy Church universal, according to Christ’s command.
(shows Lowenna to the congregation)
Response: Community Prayer
Ted : How will we respond to the graciousness of God. For this baptism to be more than an empty ritual it requires the faith of a gathered people who have experience of this grace and are seeking to celebrate it in the way they live. Today is an opportunity for us all to renew the vows that were made at our own baptism or to consider what this life may look like for us. This gathering is underpinned by people who seek to express this life through the Seeds Covenant. We ask you to join with the parents, Rachael and Marcus and Godparents, Chris and Katherine in praying a prayer of promise that is shaped around its themes. If you can affirm what is prayed we invite you to respond by saying “Lord hear our prayer.”
Chris: God our holy community of gracious hospitality, in the midst of our homelessness you extend us an invitation to Grow Home.
Holding up the packet of Seeds and bowl
Help us to raise Lowenna to know and to grow a rich sense of home. Let us teach her the danger of wealth and the freedom of economic sharing. May the poor always be with her. Teach her the power and beauty of her body; fidelity with your wild creativity and respect for the sacred connections of your Spirit, our bodies and all creation. Teach her how to eat slow so that her eyes may be opened to your presence through the breaking of bread. Guide her in her use of power, teaching her the art of mutual submission. Grant us courage to teach her what laws to break and how to give of ourselves with the same passion with which you lived and died.
Lord hear us.
All: Lord hear our prayer
Katherine: May we Know the Word.
Holding up the Bible
May we raise Lowenna to know the stories of a God who re-creates a fallen world, not just ancient words on a page but the living Spirit of Christ among us. Teach her how to choose her stories and story her choices; how to spin a life giving yarn and to listen for your voice in silence and Sabbath rest. Teach her to meditate and pray so that she may experience your love and cling to hope in the midst of failure, suffering and adversity.
Lord hear us.
All: Lord hear our prayer
Marcus and Rach : May we Go Engage.
Holding up the bottle of oil
May we raise Lowenna with the confidence to engage our troubled world. To speak truth to the powers and to each of us. To name and cast out that which is evil in our world and within, through militant nonviolence. Teach her the arts of hospitality, mercy and forgiveness. Teach her how to negotiate the streets and danger by teaching her every community safety trick you know and having done this, when and how to risk it all for the sake of love. Teach her the good work of love as the only true measure of success. And because each of us will fail her, in the midst of our brokenness, may she know and share your healing power; your gracious hospitality to us.
Lord hear us
All:Lord hear our prayer
May we teach her all this but also not forget to learn from her, because the economy of God belongs to such as these.
Response: Communion, Offerings, Candle Prayers for Lowenna and Others, Confession and Affirmation of Baptism: Today we remember that, from the time of our baptism, the sign of the cross has been upon us. Using the water in which we have baptised Lowenna you are invited to affirm the meaning of baptism by dropping a stone or tracing the sign of the cross upon yourself.
Prayer of Thanks for Gifts. Mark Pierson
Song Be not afraid: Jon Cornford
written by phil hudson, stu. manderson, kate eve 2000
Will there be a time
When greed and violence ceases
And the grieving earth is at peace?
Be not afraid
For I am with you always
Our return is small
Our work is slow and humble
And the world does not give its praise
Lord is there one
Whose care will ever be there,
in my hour of need?
Benediction… Mark Pierson
we say to each other…
You are God’s servants, gifted with dreams and visions
Upon you rests the grace of God like flames of fire.
Love and serve the Lord in the strength of the Spirit.
May the deep peace of Christ be with you,
The strong arms of God sustain you,
And the power of the Holy Spirit strengthen you in every way.
(Dianne Karray Tripp)


2 Replies to “Lowenna’s Baptism”

  1. Howdy guys,
    sorry we couldn’t be there (India’s a bit far to pop across). Have been enjoying staying connected via blogs and the Seeds website. Glad the day went well, quite a lot of meaningful content there. Great to read it all and be connected to the mob from so far away. Hope all are well and healthy. We love you heaps and look forward to when we see you and your brood next.
    Cookie and Cathy

  2. Marcus wheg,
    Durdatha why!
    What a great embodyment of the principles you are searching to discover! I’m impressed.
    May your precious daughter truly become “Lowena dheugh why”.
    Dew genough.
    Matt Curnow.

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