Kernewek Lowender

Cornish Parents.jpg
Mum and Dad at the Kernewek Lowender in Moonta this last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the trip over but am very keen to do it in 2009 and run an interactive, Celtic Christianity prayer space as part of the broader festival…hopefully making some links with indigenous spirituality. Having the connection with the emerging Cowethas Peran Sansreally adds depth, connection and credibility to such an idea.


2 Replies to “Kernewek Lowender”

  1. Dear Marcus,
    I, also a Curnow cousin, had the great pleasure of meeting your Mum and Dad at Kernewek Lowender. I also met them in 2002 when they first came to Cornwall for their mission. There was a small Curnow reunion and it was a joy to meet so many ‘cousins.
    Nine of the members of the Cornish American Heritage Society joined with Cornish around the world during Lowender and we will carry the hospitality and friendliness of the Aussies with us forever.
    I would like to invite you (already invited your folks) to attend the 15th Gathering of Cornish Cousins to held in Grass Valley, California in the summer of 2009. You can check the CAHS website at for further information. Perhaps we will see you in Cornwall in September of 2008, when Dehwelans III is held in Looe.
    Best, Vivianne Trevithick Bradley, Presiden of CAHS

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