SYG Sacred Space 07

shoe shrine circle.jpg
Another Queens birthday long weekend and another huge effort attending State Youth Games and curating the Sacred Space. This year without any Oasis Global Action Team punters to help us we went minimal and invited Age Greenwood and the Uniting Church more>praxis mob to run their cafe praxis. UNOH also set up a table selling wares from the Klong Toey slum in Tailand where they work. They organised the go_stand pledge and as our contribution we dubbed our major reflective station the GO_STAND SHOE SHRINE.
Thankfully we were joined by Warragul local Nahkita, who is yet another legend in the long line of Urban Seed work experience legends so we didnt look like total losers…

shoe shrine close.jpg
Thanks to everyone who contributed shoes and stories to the shoe shrine. It was really good seeing the variety of stories which captured the spirit of Urban Seed and our diverse connections really well without being too preachy. You can’t see what’s on the telly stacks in the photos but we ran a looped image of feet walking in the sand on one stack and some biblical text re feet and shoes on the other. Some people wrote their own shoe stories which was nice. No one donated any shoes but someone took one because they lost theirs!
shoe shrine nb.jpg
It was great hanging out with our Credo Cricket buddy the indomitable Johnny Jensen who spoke really well on the Sunday night. Classic line: “Have you ever been asked to give Jesus a cuddle when he’s drunk and covered in vomit!??!”
jj speaks.jpgjj 2.jpg
As part of the response he encouraged people to stick newspaper in their shoes as part of the go_stand pledge and to visit sacred space to chat further. I was really encouraged by some of the chats I had with young people about how to go and stand with those on the margins in our world. I was great talking about Urban Seed residency and our youth/community work training course called praxis. Thanks for a great weekend!
cafe praxis 2.jpg


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