Surrender Faces

mother theresa small.JPG
Used this as the worship/response/sending out to Shane Claibourne’s message at the Surrender Conference at Belgrave Heights Convention Centre last weekend. Thanks to Christop for printing all the images. To Dave and Gemma and Talitha for helping set up and Stella for singing the song. It was great having the images hanging around the conference space during the whole event.
The face is a powerful symbol for reflection.
Shane Claibourne tells a story of a power point presentation of faces he once used as a response to a talk about scandalous grace. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch “like me” and the faces came up with the text “like me” , “like me”, “like me”. The faces included that of Timothy McVeigh the man executed for the Oaklahoma bombing…..

In the later service the same message, the same presentation but the face of McVeigh had been removed.
Tonight the faces that hang in the space act as a symbol of our-selves and our world. The face is your face, the face is the face of your friends and family, the face of your enemy, the face of the poor and forgotten…the face of Christ. Who do you see when you look into the face of another?
Tonight’s response is shaped by the generous invitation of Jesus to those who would seek to follow his example of engaging a broken world through preaching, healing and casting out evil.

Teach me Jesus.

What “word of truth’ does this conference make you want to proclaim. What is the word of “good news” from tonight for yourself or for others. Using the chalk write this word upon a face as a prayer.
Heal me Jesus.
Consider that which is broken and hurting within you and those you would seek to serve. As a symbol of healing use the bandaids to write the name of a person or an issue that requires healing.
Free me Jesus
Consider the evil in our world that binds, divides and entrenches separation from God and God’s justice.
Take the tin snips and cut a piece of the wire that covers the face as a symbol of your desire to cast out that which is evil within your own life and within our world.
Take it with you as a reminder of the chain breaking freedom that exists in the way of Jesus.
Thuma Mina(South African: Take Me) ________________________________________
Thuma mina , Thuma mina
Thuma mina , Somandla
Send me Jesus, Send me Jesus,
Send me Jesus, Send me Lord.
Teach me Jesus, Teach me Jesus,
Teach me Jesus, Teach me Lord.
Heal me Jesus, Heal me Jesus,
Heal me Jesus, Heal me Lord.
Free me Jesus, Free me Jesus,
Free me Jesus, Free me Lord.
Thuma mina….
Shane Claibourne, Simon Moyle, Gemma and Simon Reeves….


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