Seeds for Knowing the Word

A list of possible topics for Knowing the Word… 
  • The Power of Love and The Love of Power
  • Finding Christ who comes from the margins
  • Preferential Option for the Poor: Putting those considered least at the top of our priorities
  • Imagining the Impossible: Politics and imagination
  • Dealing with the demons Within: Prayer as ‘Political is Personal’ Therapy
  • Lament/Anger
  • Centering: Non violence in the face of death, love that overcomes fear
  • Joy and Hope in Suffering
  • Public Liturgy: The War of Myths
  • Spiritual Warfare: Engaging the Powers
  • Kavanah and Mitzvah
  • Sabbath/Jubilee, Eating and The Bread of Life
  • The Lords Prayer
  • The Kingdom / Economy of God
  • Watching and Waiting for Ordinary Miracles
  • The Beatitudes and Sermon on the Mount
  • Vocation and Creation
  • Law Breaking, Arrest & Freedom
  • Christian Meditation/ Contemplation
  • Living Streams