Christ as Climate Change Pantokrator

RCL Advent 1C: Gospel Reading: Luke 21:25-26



I was reading the Revised Common Lectionary on Sunday with Luke getting all apocalyptic.  What with ” Son of Man coming on cloud”, “seas roaring, consider the trees… signs of the times etc.  With our hottest November since 1868 being announced it is hard not to think of leadership and authority as world leaders approach Copenhagen and confront the apocalypse that is climate change.  

Mindful also this weekend of  the storm clouds brewing amongst the Australian Federal Liberal Opposition who are risking seeming electoral apocalypse as they wait the results of a leadership spill motion brought on by their anti action on climate change faction.

Interestingly Christ Pantokrator is the oldest of Christian Icons and can be translated as Christ “All Powerful” and/or “Sustainer of the World.”  Been thinking hard about the Christian hope lately… How might an understanding of a present and powerful God willing the earth into original and ongoing existence shape our response to the issues, ETS debates etc?  How might it help  us think clearly, act courageously and sustain hope in the midst of political chaos and compromise?


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