The tweetinMark Sessions 2010

TweetinMark 2010 commences April 5th.  My original idea was to work through the entire Mark’s Gospel and tweet queries and advices, analysis and links for action over the two University Semesters (approx 26 weeks).  Although we are starting a little late I am hopeful this can serve the bible study needs for people for whom this is often difficult.  On top of serving needs for popular bible study I am hoping that this approach will also serve as both promo and follow up for Urban Seed’s Encountering Melbourne Bible Walks.   My animating query is “How can run popular bible study as a social media campaign without simultaneously embarrassing friends that are biblical scholars and friends that work in marketing/design?”…   Any ideas welcome…

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Melbourne, Mobs and Mark… My journey into @tweetinMark

The proposed  first 12 weeks commencing week after Easter is below…

tweetinMark 2010…

“What we see is in large part determined by the stories we tell.”  Tim Costello.

‘Come and follow’ as we ‘retweet’ Mark’s ancient story of Jesus from Melbourne’s city streets as we seek to ‘storyboard’ the road movie that maps the journey of our lives, our community and culture.  Whether from @ the centre or margins we invite you to live the Word on the street where circles of story coalesce and collide…

“We are each one of us parables.”  William Stringfellow

@tweetinMark focuses on a different section of Mark’s story of Jesus for each week of university semesters, covering the entire gospel over the course of the year.  We offer queries and advices, analysis and links for action designed to help you make the story your own.  We promote Urban Seed’s Journey to the Margins & Centre City Walk’s and other storytelling events that celebrate the spirit of living with Mark’s Jesus,  “On the Way.”

Week 1:  April 5  : FOLLOW WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE;  The First Call and Apocalypse 1

Mark 1:1-20

Week 2: April 12 : HEALING TO CRASH THE CEILING; Galilee Direct Action Campaign Part 1

Mark 1:21 – 2:13

Week 3: April 19  PARTY DOWN POVERTY; Galilee Direct Action Campaign Part 2

Mark 2:13-3.6

Week 4: April 26 STRONG MAN GETS ROLLED!; Galilee Direct Action Campaign Part 3

Mark 3:7-34

Week 5: May 3  GO BUSH GET GREEN SPIN DREAMS; Smell the Flowers Sermon 1: “Seedy Stories to Sow Hope”

Mark 4:1-34

Week 6: May 10  CROSSING OVER TO THE DARK SIDE; Building Alternatives on the Margins Part 1: Crossing Social Boundaries

Mark 4:35 – 5:1, 6:45-53, 7:24-31, 8:10-22

Week 7: May 17  TOMB RAIDING THE EMPIRE; Building Alternatives on the Margins Part 2: Casting Out Imperial Violence

Mark 4:35 – 5:20

Week 8: May 24  THE NATIONS’ POWER-FULL DAUGHTERS; Building Alternatives on the Margins  Part 3: Prioritising the Poor

Mark 5:21- 43

Week 9: May 31 A STRANGER AT HOME & AT HOME AMONG STRANGERS; Building Alternatives on the Margins Part 4: The Dangerous Mission of Hospitality

Mark 6:1 – 34

Week 10: June 7 THE ALTERNATIVE DESERT PARTIES; Building Alternatives on the Margins

Part 5: Feeding each other

Mark 6:31- 44; 8:1-10

Week 11: June 14  BREAD FOR DIRTY DOGS!; Building Alternatives on the Margins – Part 6: Redefining Social Boundaries

Mark 6:53 – 7: 37

Week 12: June 21  DO YOU GET IT?; Understanding the Alternatives: The Mid-story Exam

Mark 8:10-21


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