Grand Prix meets Triumphal Entry

Finally they changed the dates of Melbourne’s F1 Grand Prix so as our Gospel of Vic rewrite (1999) could be historically accurate??!!  So good to have the Grand Prix weekend on Palm Sunday!  A Triumph!

Gospel of Vic

Chapter 11:1 And when they are drawing near to Melbourne just before entering the City Link, he sends two of his disciples

2 and he says to them, “Go into the suburb across from you and straightaway as you enter it you will find a bicycle locked up which no one has ever ridden, unlock it and bring it.

3 And if anyone should say to you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ say,

‘T he Lord needs it and he will send it back again straightaway.’”

4 And they went and found a bike locked up at the door, outside in the street, and they unlocked it.

5 And some of those who were standing there were saying to them, “What are you doing unlocking the bike?”

6 But they told them just as Jesus had said and they let them go.

7 And they are bringing the bicycle to Jesus and they are decorating it with corporate logos and he sat upon it.

8 And many people unfurled banners on the City Link and Albert Park racetrack and others threw ticket-tape which they had cut up at home.

9 And those who are going ahead and those who are following were crying out:

“You bloody beauty, Carn Jesus! Go Jesus! T he Legend of the Big V is coming!

10 Sensational is the coming major event for Victoria!

Victoria is ‘ On the Move!’ “