Mark 1:21-2:13 Tweet List (@tweetinMark 2010, Week 2)

Welcome to Week 2.

These tweets below are the ones that have been Sent or re-tweeted by @tweetinMark for the week out of our Melbourne based context with Urban Seed and the Seeds Network.   Thankfully after last week I have found a way to email them in forward sequence so you can follow the flow of the story from top to bottom.

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10:00am, Apr 13

tweetinMark 2010, Wk 2: HEALING TO CRASH THE CEILING; Galilee Direct Action Campaign Part 1, Read Mark 1:21 – 2:13

10:15am, Apr 13, 2010

Mk1:21 JC enters Capernaum Synagogue on Sabbath. WotR the sacred spaces in your life? What makes them sacred? Where have u learnt truth?

10:20am, Apr 13, 2010

Now think wot might presence of evil look like in yr sacred space? Have u had experience of something threatening 2 destroy wot was dear 2u?

10:40am, Apr 13, 2010

RT @marxkernow Evil in sacred 4 me = overdeveloped Cornish Coast. I pilgrimaged 2 site where St Piran landed & found…

1:00pm, Apr 13, 2010

Mk 1.22 Consider a teacher or “new teaching” that “had authority” in yr life over & against other teaching/knowledge?

1:10pm, Apr 13, 2010

Gospel of Vic Mk1.21 they entered Collins St, & straightaway at the AGM he entered BHP Petroleum Plaza @ St. Michael’s

3:54pm, Apr 13

Wot hints does Mk1:21-28 give re the nature of the evil? Who’s voice does demon represent? Scribal teaching controlling hearts/minds of ppl?

4:19pm, Apr 14

Mk1:29-34 If all healings in Mark raise bigger Q’s of social oppression, wot do we make of Peters Mum in law?

4:21pm, Apr 14

RT @pete_blair: re yesterdays story @tweetinMark Great passage. The demon’s voice comes from ‘within’ the synagogue, symbolic power centre

10:32pm, Apr 15

Mk1:35-39 Jesus retreats 2 desert 2 pray 2 undomesticated God who alone can empower us 2 overcome our domestication.

10:48pm, Apr 15

Mark makes CROWDS a character. Think of diff between Football,Church,Opera, Hospital, Protest crowds. Wot type of crowd do we have in Mk?

8:29am, Apr 16

City Walk Reading Site #3 The Healing of Simon’s Mother in Law & The Collins Street Baptist Church Deacons’ Room

2:05am, Apr 17

Mk1:32 @SUNSET waits 4post Shabat b4 goin public with more healings. Sabbath will b big conflict issue L8r in story. Choosing his battles!

11:00am, Apr 17 “U can make me clean” Is lepers statement about Jesus correct? According 2 Leviticus, who has authority to clean? =Priest

11:05am, Apr 17

Why ask an unliscenced practitioner to heal you unless its a sign that the health care system is not working!? Mark 1:40-45

11:10am, Apr 17

Mk1:41 various translations have Jesus ‘Moved with Pity’, ‘Filled with compassion’, “moved with pity & sympathy’ OR ‘filled with ANGER’!!?

11:15am, Apr 17

Mark 1:41 ANGER or COMPASSION? Is Jesus angry with the man or the health care system or the society that makes / keeps the man sick?

11:20am, Apr 17

Mark 1:41 Literal Greek means “Jesus his guts churning”! What is yr experience of Christian Healing? has it ever made u angry or upset?

11:25am, Apr 17

Mk 1:41″Jesus reached out his hand & touched him” Wot is the equivalent of leper touching in yr context? Who determines clean/unclean?

11:30am, Apr 17

Wot sort of “testimony” is Jesus requiring? For or against Priests? Same words as 6:11,13:9 Is JC fulfilling the law or confronting it?

11:35am, Apr 17

Jesus trying 2 get leper 2 ‘pay a bill’ 2 someone who didn’t heal him? Why unless 2 shame them into understanding their system is broke!

1:51pm, Apr 17

@tweetinMark Re:”Why ask an unlicensed practitioner to heal u?” The leper didn’t ask 4 healing but 2b declared clean! BIG difference! (via @marxkernow)

4:45pm, Apr 17

Father Damien De Veuster: a great disciple committed to the healing of leper’s youtube: wiki:

11:25am, Apr 18, 2010

Final Episode for Week 2: Healing to Crash the Ceiling: Jesus Heals the Paralytic Mark 2:1-12 NRSV:

11:30am, Apr 18, 2010

4 ppl were employed as care-givers / not able 2 bring near due2 long waiting list / Crashing thru ceiling they lowered hospital trolley…

11:35am, Apr 18, 2010

…”Who but Medicare or private authority can forgive debt?” Mark 2:1-12 Gospel of Vic Version (2001)

12:55pm, Apr 18, 2010

Mk 2:4 Who is “crowding out “Jesus in your world? Wot ‘ceilings’ need 2b crashed by yr small grp of healers in order to get ppl access?

1:00pm, Apr 18, 2010

Jesus’ 1st response is not 2 care 4 paralytic but 2 pick a fight with Scribes! He is the aggressor against status quo of bad health system

1:10pm, Apr 18, 2010

Mk2:1-12 Is it better to heal someones body or declare they are relieved of their social indebtedness? Change social perception of sickness.

5:00pm, Apr 18, 2010

Unlike Oprah & Dr Phil or TV evangelists the healing stories of Jesus are also stories of CONFLICT!

6:38am, Apr 19

Thanks 4 another great week of @tweetinMark HEALING 2 CRASH THE CEILING! Thanks 4 the follows & RT’s @hootnews @ChristopBrooks @pete_blair


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