Mark 2:12-3:6 Tweet List (@tweetinMark 2010, Week 3)

The Social Media Bible Study experiment that is @tweetinMark continues…

These tweets below are the ones that have been sent or re-tweeted over the last week by @tweetinMark from our Melbourne based context with Urban Seed and the Seeds Network.

We have had a few people drop off the email list as there is some substantial content and getting it all at once can feel a bit like reading through someones bible study notes before or after an actual event.  The feedback from people with mobile technology who receive the tweets in ‘real time’  has been more positive with participants expressing it has been a good way to keep a particular passage in their consciousness through the week.

With this in mind, like any good bible study, it is important to read the entire biblical passage that is linked off the first tweet of each week in order to get some context for the tweets that come later.  The tweets progress chronologically through the text over the course of the week. What I am excited about is that there is a pooling of questions and links to good scholarship and pop culture stuff that should become a great resource and starting point for people running a bible study on a particular passage in future.

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May you Know the Word beyond just tweets!


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10:00am, Apr 20

TweetinMark 2010 Week 3 :PARTY DOWN POVERTY : Galilee Direct Action Campaign Part 2, Mark 2:13-3:6 NRSV:


9:43pm, Apr 20

Mark 2:13-17: Call of Levi NRSV: vs. GOSPEL OF VIC (2001)

9:48pm, Apr 20

Jesus calls Levi who leaves his corrupt & lucrative debt collection business 2 share a table with sinners (the indebted). An unlikely meal!


9:56pm, Apr 20

What was the most unlikely or uncomfortable dinner party you ever went to and why?


10:28pm, Apr 20

In Mk2:10 JC has authority 2 Dconstruct the condition of indebtedness. Levi’s meal between class enemies = Sabbath redistribution of debt!


10:34pm, Apr 20

1st time the word “disciple” appears Mk2:15 is @table between debtors & debt collectors. A table of reconciliation & redistribution.


9:50am, Apr 21

What were the rules around food, meals, visitors, cleanliness in your own upbringing? What boundaries/ holiness codes influence u 2day?


3:50pm, Apr 21

PARTY DOWN POVERTY Jesus’ campaign moves from Scribes 2 Pharisees & 3 pillars of their holiness code: Table Rules, Public Piety & Sabbath


10:05am, Apr 22

“Sick need doc not the well'”JC defines ministry not trying 2 protect self & ultimately God from contamination but in spreading compassion


10:10am, Apr 22

“Eating and food are occasions 4 Mark 2 present Jesus, not only as pop. hero but also as subversive sage.’ D. Neufeld


4:20pm, Apr 22

Mark 2:18 “Why do yr disciples not fast?” Rich ppl fast 4 vanity & health. Poor ppl fast due 2 scarcity or protest 2 point out injustice.


4:42pm, Apr 22

Mark 2:18-22 Fasting vs. Party (Gospel of Vic Version, 2001) No one likes drinkin fresh cold beer from a plastic cup…


4:55pm, Apr 22

Mark 2:24 “Why do your disciples do what is unlawful….?” @simonmoyle forwarded this link from Fr. John Dear SJ


6:26pm, Apr 22

“It is contrary 2 our humanity if we obey laws repugnant 2 our conscience. Such teaching is opposed 2 religion & means slavery.” #Gandhi

11:13am, Apr 25

Pharisees rhetoric is bringing wholeness / justice 2all but practise betrays commitment 2 rigid social walls betw/n ‘righteous’ & ‘sinners’

11:24am, Apr 25
@tweetinMark Sounds very much like the condition that can be found in many of our religious institutions today. Need2 b honest broken ppl..
11:51am, Apr 25

Food fights in Mark chapter 2 all about economics. With whom, when & how 2 produce/consume! Wot food rules shape yr (agri)-culture?

12:05am, Apr 26

Mark 2: 23f U dont own 100% of yr stuff! Biblically ‘stuff’ belongs in part 2 the poor who have rights 2 everything owned! Leviticus 19:9f

12:22am, Apr 26

Pharisees misconstrue Sabbath as exclusive ‘U shall not work’ ritual piety 4 owner class…. Say’s “Av u never read?”2 scholars of his day!

12:25am, Apr 26

Jesus uses David 2 reconnect ‘Jubilee’ ethos by reauthorising ‘guerilla gleaning’ on Sabbath as the divinely ordained right of hungry ppl!


12:36am, Apr 26

Guerilla Gleaning post-David (in time of Abiathar): Ghandi Salt March The Tao of Dumpster Diving

12:53am, Apr 26

Fights re Sabbath in Mark R all about Economics. wiki: Bible 101f Ched’s Stuff:

1:15am, Apr 26

Mark 3:1-6 Trial scene: Leaders out 2 catch Jesus who turns from defendant 2 prosecutor & breaks law 2 condemn it.

1:34am, Apr 26

CHOOSE LIFE! B4 Trainspotting there was Jesus who borrowed from Moses

1:35am, Apr 26

Mark 3:4 Jesus angry with Silence & Sclerosis =Hardened heart. Jesus opponents have internalised the logic of Empire ala Pharaoh? As 4 Us?

1:45am, Apr 26

Jesus’ key struggle with authorities isn’t over theology, but over meaning of Sabbath (Mark 3:1 -6; Luke 13:10-17; John 7:22-24, 9:14-16)

9:32am, Apr 26

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