Mark 3:7-35 Tweet List (@tweetinMark 2010, Week 4)

Welcome to Week 4.

Here is some of the Tweet Action for Mark 3: 7-35 entitled “Strong Man Get’s Rolled!

This is an experiment and we are finding that a static email does not easily capture the dynamic of Web 2.0 Social Media .  In response we are trying harder to Tweet in clearly named EPISODES that are announced at the start of each progression of the story, in order to help you follow ‘on the way.’

This weeks episodes are

1: Crowds @ Lake,

2: Jesus chooses 12;

3: Jesus=Satan;

4: Who’s my Mob?

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May you find kin amongst those that do the will of God,

Much Grace


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Mark 2:12-3:6 Tweet List (@tweetinMark 2010, Week 3)


5:30am, Apr 28

TweetinMark 2010 Week 4: STRONGMAN GETS ROLLED tweets starts 2day! The Galilee Direct Action Campaign comes 2 a head in Mark 3:7-35.

5:32am, Apr 28

Good rule 4 popular bible study: Read the Story! NRSV: vs. GOSPEL OF VIC VERSION (2001)

5:39am, Apr 28

Week 4 STRONGMAN GETS ROLLED: Tweetin Mark 3:7-35 in 4 episodes

1: Crowds @ Lake,

2: Jesus chooses 12;

3: Jesus=Satan;

4: Who’s my Mob?

5:49am, Apr 28

Week 4 EPSIODE 1: CROWDS @ LAKE, Mark 3:7-12; After the death threat in 3:6 Jesus “withdraws” 2 the sea with his disciples in Mark 3:7

5:55am, Apr 28

I like ‘withdrew’ rather than ‘departed’ (NRSV) for Mark 3:7. The Greek word ‘anechoresen’ literally means “takes refuge from peril”.

5:58am, Apr 28

‘Withdrew’ suggests Jesus knows about death threat in Mk 3:6 & is strategic. Wot conflicts ru strategically immersed in due 2 discipleship?

6:09am, Apr 28

Mark Ch3 & conflict has been running HOT! Will the plot on JC’s life ruin the plot? Mark ‘re-generates’ the story by going back2basics…

6:13am, Apr 28

Back2Basics = The “Sea” (1:16) & “Mission” (1:32ff). Wot basics of discipleship do u get back to when things get HOT or u feel threatened?

6:22am, Apr 28 Mark 3:8 The mission grows popular! Locations listed show ppl coming literally from N,S,E,W; but soon we will see it includes opponents!

12:00pm, Apr 28

RT @DuncanDarroch @tweetinMark loving ur #sabbatheconomics. God is walking thru the grainfields and climbing into bins looking 4 justice

8:47am, Apr 29

Mark 3:9 JC gets in a ‘boat’ which will bcome an important symbolic setting in rest of story. Wot setting best symbolizes yr discipleship?

5:10pm, Apr 29

Week 4, Episode 2 “JESUS NAMES 12.” @tweetinMark 3:13-19 Read NRSV here

5:13pm, Apr 29

Mk 3:13 Jesus climbs up a mountain & names 12 ala Moses @ Sinai. A deeply symbolic nation building moment…

5:17pm, Apr 29

Wot is the symbolic birth moment 4 yr nation? Aussies: Capn Cook planting flag claiming 4 England? or Gallipoli? or indigenous “Dreaming”?


7:05am, Apr 30

@tweetinMark Bruce Pascoe argues Australian nation symbolically formed not @ battle @ Gallipoli but @ Convincing Ground


9:30am, Apr 30

@tweetinMark Corny Aquino become president aftr Marcos ruld Philippines 4 over 20yrs & her husband having to be assassinated in d process

7:09am, Apr 30 Mk 3: 13f We tend 2 see early names 4 Xn Church ‘royal priesthood’ ‘holy nation’ in religious rather than provocative political terms.

7:22am, Apr 30

Mark 3:13f He chooses ‘epoiesen’ (Greek word 4 priests/leadership) Jesus is pronouncing his ‘dissident cabinet’, his ‘government in exlie’

7:27am, Apr 30

Mark 3:13f Wot would yr family think if u declared yr discipleship community an independent nation? JC’s family response=

11:26pm, May 02

Mark3:16 Jesus changes names of his disciples! Rock & Son of Thunder! How has discipleship changed yr ID? Wot name would Jesus give u? Why?

12:46am, May 04

Week 4 EPSIODE 3: JESUS =SATAN, Mark 3:20-30 Read here (NRSV) no one can plunder property without binding the strong man

7:03pm, May 04

Mk 3:20-30 Mark writes a sandwich! He likes starting1 story, interrupting it with another, then finishing 1st story in order to connect both

7:17pm, May 04

Mark 3:20-30 In this sandwich Jesus FAMILY say “He is crazy”; SCRIBES say “He is possessed.” Wot LABEL’S get used 4 those who threaten u?

7:26pm, May 04

Mk3:23 1st mention of word PARABLE. Jesus preferred teaching method 4 those with EARS 2 HEAR. Even though cryptic, meaning is not 2B missed!

7:46pm, May 04

Old Skool Image of STRONGMAN. “Can the prey be taken from the mighty, or captives of a tyrant be rescued?” Isaiah 49:24

7:54pm, May 04

Jesus 2 Bind Strong Man & plunder house = TEMPLE! Early allusion 2 wot will take place later. Mark 11:15-17 & Mark 13:2

9:23pm, May 04

Wot has been a “strong man” in yr life /in yr community/world? Tell a story of yr attempts 2 name, bind & “plunder the house” of this demon.

8:18pm, May 04

JESUS is a THIEF! An oft forgotten popular early church image, 1 Thess 5:2-4; 2 Peter 3.10; Rev 3:3; 16:15 How do u relate to this Jesus?

8:25pm, May 04

Week 4 EPSIODE 4: WHO’S MY MOB?, Mark 3:31-35, Read here (NRSV) ‘Whoever does the will of God is my bro, & sis &mum.’

8:44pm, May 04

Mark 3:31-35 Tell a story of a time when your family thought you were crazy or disagreed with something you really believed in?

8:48pm, May 04

Unlike Luke & Matt, Mark not into genealogies! Family = site 4 identity, vocation, socialisation in2 dominant order that Jesus is against?

8:51pm, May 04 Mk3:31-35 Wot ways has yr experience of family reinforced status quo of our society? In wot ways has yr family helped u2 question society?

8:58pm, May 04

Classic Leunig on the way ones family values R shaped by OR resist the politics of nation. We often use for Mk 3:31-35

9:05pm, May 04

Jesus is a WANTED man, provoking authorities. When has yr family tried to ‘arrest you’? Protect U from yourself… or their reputation!?

9:13pm, May 04

Mark 3:33 How does yr discipleship juggle biblical calls 2 CLEAVE/RESPECT family (eg.Eph 6:2) with the biblical calls 2 LEAVE/REJECT family?

9:22pm, May 04

3:34-35 “Here are my bro’s, sistas, & mum” Talk about a time when you experienced a liberating sense of family belonging outside yr own.