Things I Helped Cook in Manna Lane

I have just spent four days with the family at Manna Lane in Cudgee in South Western Victoria.  Some of the households down there are about to run a course called Living Differently with Manna Gum connecting city and rural life.  It certainly gave us a welcome break from inner city life and I just loved trawling their vegetable gardens for good stuff to cook.

Pumpkin and Fetta Pizza with Pine Nuts, drizzled in Olive Oil with Garlic.

Roast Rooster stuffed with oranges, thyme, rosemary, mustard with asparagus, taters, carrots and beetroot  roasted in olive oil, orange juice and white wine and a Stephanie Alexander inspired, silverbeet gratin with creamy blue cheese sauce.

Thanks to the Crabbemores for generously hosting us and growing/rearing the tucker!  In a challenging, fast paced time of change …and kid wrangling… it was a welcome ‘taste of slow’. A reminder that the menu is the message and that there is manna enough!