Food Sovereignty and Eucharist

Every time we lift up this bread in the central ritual act of what it means to be church, are we supposed to be remembering a celebration of shared abundance in the teeth of an economy of engineered scarcity? How would that impact the life of the church if we understood that ritual like that? How would our church be different if the eucharist was anchored in the practice of Sabbath economics? What is it that we’re remembering when we do this in memory of? Are we just remembering his death and resurrection? That’s important to remember. But it’s also important to remember his life – his life of Sabbath economics.

-Ched Myers at at gig for Anglicans in Toronto. (full article here)

-A Tale of Two Meals:  a responsive Eucharist reading we adapted based on Ched Myers 2005 Greenbelt address can be found as part of our Mealtime Liturgy for Seedy Mobs.

Marcus and Elaine celebrate pasties as a symbol of Cornish food sovereignty! (photo by Ched Myers)

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